IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2013-09-17

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teK_jaeger: did you receive my patch for nvidia/3.11?14:46
jaegerteK_: I don't think so15:06
jaegerWas it a build fix or something more complicateD?15:12
teK_ contains the fix for linux-3.1115:12
teK_stupid git send-email..15:12
jaegerok, I'll take a look15:14
teK_works for me15:14
jaegerteK_: Would you mind trying ? It seems fine here but just want to make sure someone else can build it without the makefile patch16:20
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teK_jaeger: sure19:51
teK_=======> Building '/usr/ports/packages/nvidia#319.49-2.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.19:52
teK_I used the 'short term' more current nv-version fwiw :)19:52
nrxtxa more current version than 319.49?19:54
nrxtxi created a port repository only containing ports for nvidia-optimus/bumblebee, might there be interest for others in them?19:57
teK_I think so?19:57
teK_and yes there are two flavours of nvidia drivers19:57
nrxtxthe only other i saw was 325.08 but this version is even older than 319.4919:59
teK_yeah I probably used that19:59
nrxtxteK_: could you add another entry on the crux ports db for the bumblebee stuff?20:01
nrxtxyou can find the information on the CRUX-Wiki Bumblebee page20:01
nrxtxaltough i still miss one package for opencl-headers, but that one is optional20:02
teK_an extra repo?20:03
nrxtxdidn't add them to my personal one which is already there, because i think it's to specific for one platform, whereas my my other ports can be used everywhere20:05
teK_I'd opt for adding  them to your existing repo20:05
nrxtxpossible, makes overlaying opt more difficult when some other ports have for example "nvidia" as dependencies currently using it as "core, bumblebee, opt, contrib, my"20:09
nrxtxalso it gets messed up when having it after other user repositorys20:10
teK_name it nvidia-bumblebee?20:10
teK_what's in it?20:10
nrxtxromster and pitman have both similiar packages in their repositories but having different dependencies20:15
nrxtxso you can add the bumblebee repo in front keeping my stuff behind other repos ones20:15
nrxtxbut if you think it's better to mix them up i'll do it20:16
teK_it's the user's responsibility to install the port he/she wants20:17
teK_you could add a README if there's need for clarification20:20
nrxtxi'll add details to the wiki page and move them to my repo20:22
nrxtxRomster: do you still update/use your bumblebee ports?20:22
nrxtxif i have multiple packages with the same name will prt-get choose the upper one in the list?20:28
nrxtxjust curious: can you skip specific ports of one repository?20:39
jaegerI don't think romster ever used it, I think he made it for vee20:42
nrxtxkk, thx teK_21:05
nrxtxi think the only port left i need is llvmpipe gallium driver21:06
nrxtxthen my crux setup is complete21:06
nrxtxgn8 everyone21:10
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teK_squid:21:51 In function 'bool xstrtoui(const char*, char**, unsigned int*, unsigned int, unsigned int)':21:51 error: 'v' may be used uninitialized in this function [-Werror=maybe-uninitialized]21:51
teK_can this be my fault?21:51
jaegerIf you insist :D22:24
teK_I had earlier I think22:25
teK_it was an -O2|3 issue22:26
teK_I added 5 new mirrors from Australia, Brazil, Japan, UK and the US23:46

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