IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2013-09-18

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jueFYI, I'm offline for the next week, take care :)06:48
frinnsthave fun ;)10:29
teK_starting chromium after the Xorg-server update makes X segfault10:38
teK_rebuilding nvidia helped :-)10:39
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frinnstteK_: so for radeonsi acceleration one would need llvm to be built with --enable-shared --enable-experimental-targets=R60019:50
frinnstmesa needs to use --with-llvm-shared-libs amongst other things as well19:51
frinnstso mesa3d will need to depend on llvm :/19:51
frinnstother than that, it works great19:52
frinnstno xv support, but vdpau takes care of that19:52
nrxtxfrinnst: is it possible to build radeonsi like llvmpipe separately?19:52
teK_so I will see to add these flags although they increase build time for llvm by 33% :)19:55
frinnstdoubt it, its a gallium driver19:55
frinnstoh bohoo19:55
frinnstllvm is still a lightweight19:55
teK_~19minutes is not lightweight19:56
nrxtxfrinnst: llvmpipe is also a gallium driver19:57
frinnstso how does that work?19:57
frinnstno, no! i was supposed to go to bed early tonight19:58
frinnstdont drag me into these discussions! :)19:58
frinnsta f k19:58
nrxtx;) gn8 then :D19:58
nrxtxfrinnst: they only provide separated driver build only for some drivers20:10
nrxtxseems like readeonsi is fixed to main build process20:11
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