IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2013-09-26

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frinnstalan is usually good at answering mail06:30
frinnstmaybe he forgot about the FS# ?06:30
horrorStruckmaybe i missed something but the version in contrib seems to be the latest 0.33. IOW, closed/fixed :)09:19
teK_ah :)09:22
jaegerDoes anyone object to me using the "master" branch of system/iso.git for updates/pre-release changes? As we use them now our master branches are essentially useless12:35
teK_it's best practice not to use master but I do not know the reason13:11
teK_for our uses cases it's probably fine to use it13:12
jaegerIt makes sense not to use master for some projects but the way we use git I think it would make more sense to use it and then tag/branch releases. I could be wrong, though13:13
jaegerfor things like ports that change quite often maybe it's not so useful13:13
teK_what's the reason not to?13:15
teK_and: what's the advantage for you using master?13:15
jaegerThere's no significant reason, just speculating, really. I currently use a copy of iso.git and the 3.0 branch and only commit changes when needed13:16
jaegerI'll have to put some more thought into it when I'm not working on several things at once13:18
jaegerSo no worries for now :)13:18
horrorStruckif i may: it's always better to push just in case someone else would start hacking on it. tagging seems to be the right way (tm)13:18
jaegerwe also don't really use git in some ways it's intended, such as branching/pull requests, etc... but we don't really need to with such a small team that communicates frequently13:19
teK_merging branches should be hassle free with git, as you probably know13:20
jaegerusually, yeah13:20
jaegerhorrorStruck: I don't disagree, though that very rarely happens in the iso tree13:21
horrorStruckyep, i'd thought so too13:22
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jaegerdoh, looks like the dialog tarball went missing16:14
jaegernew version out anyway16:14
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jaegerwelcome back17:14
juejaeger: just read the logs from today, not sure if I had mentioned it already, but I think that our iso.git is currently not up-to-date17:16
jueat least the kernel config17:17
jaegerThe 3.0 tree should be, I believe, for the release... my local tree for -updated isn't the same, though17:17
jaegerMaybe I'm wrong, though, I can go look into it if needed17:17
juewell, our ISO contains the config for 3.6.11 but in our git we have 3.6.717:18
jueand linux-3.6.11.defconfig is missing17:19
jueas a side note: linux-3.6.11.defconfig has the CONFIG_SYSVIPC=y17:22
jaegerhrmm, oops17:25
jaegerI did a bad job of keeping those consistent, then. :(17:25
jaegerI'll fix that today or tomorrow, have tomorrow off work17:25
jueno hurry :)17:33
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jaegerHrmm, I think I've lost the custom defconfig file21:56
jaegerIt's on the ISO, though, so that's no big deal21:57
jaegerI'm working on reconstructing the iso tree at the release point22:00
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