IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2013-09-28

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prologicprologic> you mean irclogger___?01:26
prologic<prologic> it's always up :)01:26
prologic<prologic> you mean clb?01:26
prologicwrong channel :)01:26
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horrorStruckguys, i was setting up a fresh CRUX chroot but sysup failed for glibc-32:
pitillohorrorStruck: is your kernel right? with IA32 emu?11:18
horrorStruckpitillo: you're right of course. the host is pure 64bit. sorry for the noise and thanks :)11:18
pitillonp :)11:19
jueteK_: FYI, contrib/tig fails to build with an md5sum error, the author renamed the old tarball to tig-1.2.1.tar.gz.orig14:05
jueteK_: yeah, generated man-pages are missing in the new tarball :(14:13
frinnstso is this a new thing now?14:22
frinnstnot shipping manpages14:22
jueif so it's a bad practice, in case of tig you need asciidoc + deps to build the man-pages14:26
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teK_jue: so we won't ship man pages with tig anymore17:51
teK_what a crap17:54
horrorStruckor you the same workaround as tdb port?18:03
teK_what a crap18:04
horrorStruckah, too late :)18:06
frinnstteK_: you can relax to this
horrorStrucknew homepage <318:24
Amnesiado you folks know electric sheep?19:03
Amnesiait's awesome:D19:04
horrorStruckwasn't Main/Timeline page updated in real time before? few recent commits are missing.19:37
frinnstwhat commits?19:44
horrorStruckyours and Thomas'19:45
frinnsti committed mine a few days ago, its listed from the 26th19:45
frinnstjust never pushed19:45
frinnstteks seems to be missing though19:46
horrorStruckah right, sorry i haven't noticed19:46
frinnsthmm, my btrfs autosnapshot script seems to play havoc with my other backups19:47
frinnstone snapshot every hour (kept for 24h), one every day (kept for 7) and one every week (kept for 4)19:49
frinnston my ~5TB homedir it creates a problem :D19:49

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