IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2013-10-02

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frinnstnew tzdata again? geez11:57
frinnstfuck daylight savings and other useless crap11:57
jaegerIf they'd stop changing it all the time that would be nice. If they'd stop using it altogether that'd be even better13:16
jaegerAnyone happen to look at that iso.git diff I posted earlier? Just wondering if there were any obvious problems with it13:28
teK_I had a quick glance14:57
teK_looked okayish to me14:57
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jaegerfrinnst: so have you upgraded to vsphere 5.5 yet or were you just testing in a lab/dev environment?16:12
frinnstjust lab17:43
frinnsthad to leave it on the backburner for now17:43
frinnstno time to play :(17:43
frinnstbesides, no fun hardware to run it on, only two old servers with ~16g ram each17:43
frinnstand no shared storage17:43
jaegerfair enough17:53
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jaegerugh, dialog's source is still missing. wonder if sepen would mind if I update that22:13

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