IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2013-10-03

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teK_he surely won't (aka blame me if he does)08:29
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Romstercan we do this to flash perl -pi.bak -e 's/libvdpau/lixvdpau/g' /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/libflashplayer.so13:23
Romsterit's really shitting me on certain browsers.13:24
Romsterswapping the colours around.13:24
frinnstoh? what browser? works for me (tm) with firefox13:37
frinnsti think :)13:37
frinnstis there an easy way of telling when vdpau is used by flash?13:37
frinnstother than cpu usage..13:42
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horrorStruckfrinnst: go to, play a flash video, right click, chose "stats for nerds" and it should tell you if it's using hw accel17:05
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frinnstX-Video Extension version 2.219:03
frinnstscreen #0 Adaptor #0: "GLAMOR Textured Video"19:03
frinnstjust says accelerated video rendering, software video decoding19:04
frinnst1080p uses about 90% on one core19:06
frinnstsilly flash19:06
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frinnstteK_: are there any spice-gtk updates around?19:32
frinnst(/usr/bin/spicy:19605): Spice-Warning **: ../spice-common/common/canvas_base.c:741:canvas_get_lz: a palette is missing (for bpp to rgb decoding)19:32
frinnst(/usr/bin/spicy:19605): Spice-CRITICAL **: ../spice-common/common/canvas_base.c:1149:canvas_get_image_internal: condition `surface != NULL' failed19:32
teK_when does this happen?19:37
teK_.21 was tagged two weeks ago19:37
teK_lsat commit to canvas_base.c was on 2013-09-1219:38
frinnstwhen opening a remote desktop session19:42
frinnstno big deal19:43
teK_well it does not work at all is a big deal19:51
frinnstit does, just crashes usually twice when im connecting to my win box at work19:51
frinnstthen it seems to run just fine19:52
teK_yeah.. right O_o19:53
teK_crazy americans - government goes on unplanned vacation and people act all crazy and start shooting at things/people19:54
teK_oh.. while we're at it19:54
teK_did you watch Homeland?19:54
frinnstalso ray donovan19:55
teK_I have to pass an exam on Tuesday. Didnt start learning until yesterday, discovered homeland on Sunday ._.19:55
frinnstthought it was so-so19:55
teK_Homeland is not like the average series so you have to get used to it I think19:55
teK_but Ray Donovan was just awesome :D19:55
teK_oh gawd19:59
teK_GNU ..20:00
frinnstafk, watching jim jeffries20:00
frinnstbest comic at the moment20:00
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