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c0xfrinnst, /ports/opt/lvm204:55
Romsteri've done an upgrade from i686 to multilib i would not recommend it for a noob08:03
Romsterbuild in chroot install built packages rebuild kernel reboot.08:04
Romsternot as easy as that new kenrel options ia32 compat and rejmerge edit stuff. fix issue with 32bit lib in gl-select for nvidia.08:08
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AmnesiaRomster, you have the possibility to change ports in the contrib repository right?10:40
Romsterbut i should only be doing the ones i maintain.10:42
Amnesiahm ok10:50
Romsterwhat is it you want changed?10:51
Amnesialibnet installs stuff in /usr/share/man instead of /usr/man10:51
Romsterthat's teK_ s port.10:52
Amnesiayep, he's afaik though10:52
Amnesiabut I'll inform him10:52
Romsterhe should know better -_-10:52
AmnesiaI created some more ports lately10:52
Romsterexport CFLAGS=$CFLAGS" -fPIC"10:53
Romsterhonestly quoting....10:53
Romstercolour codes -_-10:54
Amnesiathat's better:)10:54
Romsteryou got a ports tree?10:56
Romsterdo you want one?10:56
Romsteror well you can use github now than my server.10:57
Amnesiahm I could use github10:59
Amnesiauno momento10:59
RomsterteK_, will see this convo and look at libnet later.10:59
Amnesiado you folks index stuff from github?11:05
Romsterfire a email to sepen for inclusion in ports database11:05
Romsterwe really have lost a lot of ports trees lately and picked up new ones11:07
Romsterkris is on github see how he has his setup or any of the others.11:07
Romsteri manged to save and ports but really i need to sort though those.11:08
Romsterlargely out of date.11:08
Romsteryhafri had the largest collection ever.11:09
Romsterbefore it went down.11:09
Romsteri only saved it for historical reasons. and possibly a few gems in there to revive.11:09
nrxtxgithub is easy11:30
nrxtxjust upload repo and link to raw access page11:30
Romsteryeah and regenerate the REPO and index.html page at your end and add that to git when you add or edit a port.11:31
Romstermy setup generates REPO and index.html for me when i git push though.11:32
nkrisyeah that makes it easier11:33
AmnesiaRomster: I never use httpup, what should be present in a REPO file?11:38
nkrisAmnesia: there is the httpup-repgen tool, it will generate the file correctly11:39
Romstercd to your port and run httpup-repgen11:40
nkrisREPO contains all directory and files with checksums11:40
Romsterthen cat REPO11:40
Romsterlook for yourself.11:40
Amnesiado note that I'm too lazy to fill in #maintainer:p11:41
Romsterwell your own ports you can do as you please.11:41
Romsteras long as you got packager as you and that is correct.11:41
Romstereasy enough to use sed to change all them if your that lazy.11:42
Romsterand i didn't realize i'm in the dev channel oops...11:42
Romstergeneral chat belongs in #crux11:43
Amnesiayeah done:)11:43
Amnesiain case you're interested:
nkrisavr ports \o/12:19
Romstercool Amnesia13:22
Romstermight wanna name firefox firefox-bin13:24
Amnesiahm I guess I could13:25
Amnesiacba to compile it:P13:25
Romsterand i see preload and geoip and a few others i maintain in various places i should see if i need to move or apply changes.13:25
Amnesiayep, there are some duplicate ones13:26
Romsteryour free to do as you please in your repo but if i find stuff done differently to what i've done i might make changes to my ports.13:26
Romsteryou can certainty ask if you find a issue.13:27
Romsterif it's drastically different it's fine. but trivial changes i try to add if it's not gonna be a big issue.13:28
Amnesiayeah, tbh I don't know why I made my own one anymore^^13:28
Amnesiabut the Pkgfile should tell you enough^^13:28
Romsterupto you no point keeping it if it's not different to the more official port.13:29
Romsterbut if it's got different options or even a patch i like to review such things.13:30
AmnesiaI guess the patches aren't really usable for others13:31
Amnesiabut for example vpnc, I don't like it rewriting my resolv.conf file, so that's why I made a patch for it13:31
Amnesiaand as for yget, that's just an improvement13:31
Romsterwell in the case keep the port if you need special changes.13:39
Romsterther fine to keep yhafri repo isn't actively maintained and that's where yget is.13:40
Romsterfeel free to clone and modify13:41
Romsterbut if you think a change to a official port could be done let that maintainer know.13:41
Amnesiawill do:-)13:42
Romsterelse we can't improve our port quality.13:42
Amnesiawhat does yhafri stand for?13:42
Amnesiais it someone's nickname>13:42
RomsterThat's his surname i guess or some other nickname i really don't know.13:43
Amnesia2155 ports is quite a shitload13:43
Romsteryeah really insane13:43
Amnesiamost likely he automized the process:)13:44
Romstermost likely.13:44
Romsterbut all that was lost.13:44
AmnesiaIt shouldn't be too hard to automatically convert arch's packages to crux ports..13:44
Romsterscripts exist for that but it's not fully automated.13:44
Romsternot sure whos got that though13:45
Amnesiaquestion is though, is that something we'd want to do..13:45
Romsterif you wanna rip off a arch/slackware or any other port just manually Pkgfile it.13:46
Amnesiathat's what I usually do13:46
Romstercrux ports are too easy to mae.13:46
AmnesiaI'll write a script that convert an Arch PKGBUILD to a crux port13:50
Amnesiagot to apply for a new job first though:)13:50
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frinnstteK_: nice ml post :D18:51
teK_just being me20:28
teK_s/me/myself/ -_-20:32

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