IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2013-10-07

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rebelyellI hope this is the right place to ask: Is there any script for (re)building Crux ISO from the sources? (in order to include  different packages, make some changes to already included ones, etc)12:41
jaegerHave you looked at the system/iso.git repo on the gitweb?12:42
jaegerThe Makefile there is the proper way to build the ISO12:43
rebelyelljaeger: Thanks! And one more question: do I need to run Crux in order to rebuild?12:43
jaegerhrmm... technically you don't but you will need to install pkgutils on the build host if you don't use crux. It can be tough but it's certainly doable12:45
jaegerIf you have the space you could even install crux into a chroot on the build host12:45
rebelyelljaeger: that's exactly what I wanted to hear, thank you! :)12:46
jaegerWelcome. :) Good luck12:46
jaegerrebelyell: there's nothing useful in the master git branch so make sure you use the versioned branch you want, such as 3.012:49
rebelyelljaeger: I see...12:50
jaegerhrmm.. now that syslinux has official EFI support maybe we can add EFI to crux 3.113:01
jaegerthat would be nice13:01
teK_and about time :)13:54
teK_+1 from me13:54
jaegerAdds some kernel overhead since there will be a copy of the kernel/initrd in multiple locations13:56
jaegerthat's one advantage to grub2, it doesn't have to locate the kernel/initrd in the efisys partition... but grub2 is a big mess13:56
teK_+ full ack :)13:56
teK_yet I do like it's ability to use modules13:57
jaegerYeah, can be nice13:57
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frinnstdoes anybody remember what the tar/tar-rootp.patch does?22:26
frinnst-  same_permissions_option += we_are_root;22:26
frinnst-  same_owner_option += we_are_root;22:26
jaegerhrmm, not I22:43

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