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frinnstteK_: nah, nevermind03:20
frinnstjust wasnt sure we were on the version that bug was fixed in03:20
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jaegerwpa_supplicant depends on dbus but doesn't list it in the Pkgfile, looks like13:22
jaegerdbus seems to want to install /usr/etc/rc.d/init.d/messagebus, too13:30
frinnstdoes it actually install crap in /usr/etc/rc.d/init.d ?13:43
frinnstcant reproduce that13:43
jaegerIt fails because it isn't in the footprint, not sure why. I'll capture a log13:43
jaegerI don't see anything obviously wrong but it's definitely wanting to install that file for me13:47
frinnstInit scripts style:       redhat13:47
jaegerwonder if there's some other port installed that it checks13:47
frinnstwhy do you get that?13:47
jaegerah ha13:47
frinnstInit scripts style:       none13:47
jaegerprobably because it's a VM and vmware-tools requires some redhat fuckery with directories13:47
frinnstah, yeah13:47
jaegerso /etc/rc.d/rc{0,1,2,3,4,5,6}.d exist but are empty13:47
jaegergood spot13:48
frinnstopen-vm-tools <313:48
jaegerIf open-vm-tools always worked I'd be fine with that :)13:48
frinnstrsync -aqz open-vm-tools13:48
frinnsti should clean up that port btw13:48
frinnstand add a startup script13:49
frinnstwhat issues have you seen with it?13:49
jaegerThe one in contrib looks ancient13:49
frinnstyeah its very broken13:49
jaegerWell, it's been at least a year since I used them so maybe it's better now but very few things worked properly. Ballooning was broken so RAM usage skyrocketed often... shutdown/reboot of guest didn't work, etc.13:49
frinnstyeah just tested guest shutdown with my script, didnt work :p13:50
jaegerguest shutdown isn't a showstopper but it was just that the tools felt really unpolished to me13:51
frinnstas long as it reports the IP and shuts up our monitoring tools for not having vmware tools im usually happy13:51
jaegerthe RAM thing was a problem but that's hopefully fixed by now13:51
frinnstyeah i've not seen that13:51
frinnstbut i dont think it does any ballooing at all with my port13:51
frinnstas i said, im happy if I can see the guest ip :)13:51
jaegeradding --with-init-scripts=none works, too13:52
frinnstsweet. I'll fix that later. they just released a new version anyways13:53
jaegerlooks like there's a newer open-vm-tools as well, hehe13:53
jaegerI like your comment in the Pkgfile, though :)13:54
jaegerGoing to give the open-vm-tools a try, see how it goes these days14:05
jaeger <-- a quick update14:13
jaegerIs there no rc script needed for the open tools? hrmm14:14
jaegerok, made a quick rc script for it14:36
teK_anyone interested in qxl-xorg driver and the vdagent guest part for spice (in qemu)?14:52
teK_wrong channel14:55
jaegerinteresting that vmware's power events don't include reboots14:56
jaegerso you can script a shutdown but not a reboot properly14:56
teK_sounds unpleasant for server environments ;)14:59
jaegerwell, reboots any other way still work fine, just not via the vsphere client's "reboot" option15:00
jaegerIt hasn't been a problem for me because when I want to reboot a machine I'm rebooting it from a login shell anyway15:01
teK_well you virtualize to, among other things, centralize I suppose :15:01
teK_file a Bug Report15:02
jaegerYour centralized management software would also be able to reboot the VM with its own methods, though. This is only the vmware vsphere client's "reboot" option15:02
jaegerfrinnst: ah, it wasn't the rc*.d, it was /etc/redhat-release15:12
jaegerhad to create that to quiet some log bitching, just remembered it15:12
jaegeropen-vm-tools bitches as well15:12
jaegerso the workaround is still to add --with-init-scripts=none to dbus15:12
teK_maybe someone can help me out.. usbredirserver is dynamically linked against libusb and libudev.. do I have to list udev and libusb as dependencies?15:30
teK_our wiki states run-time dependencies from core which aren't dynamically linked in are not to be listed, either15:30
jaegerI would think it'd be fine to leave them out15:44
teK_and.. break the rules? :)16:33
teK_maybe jue can shed some light on mine gloomy knowledge :}16:33
jaegerWe should probably clarify those at some point, I guess16:34
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frinnsti'll fix dbus as soon as i can get my desktop to boot17:33
frinnstfucking wierd issue with syslinux17:33
frinnstbroke after a btrfs balance, though i should have done everything thats needed to fix it17:34
jaegerdoh, that sucks17:52
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frinnstfuckin' wierd20:45
frinnstredid the fs, did the trick20:45
frinnstneed to read up on how syslinux works with btrfs20:46

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