IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2013-10-11

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teK_frinnst: any word wrt my question on depends on: in our Packages10:14
frinnstwat? must have missed your q10:43
frinnstyeah im not really sure on that either10:44
teK_k thanks11:15
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teK_anybody from xorg minds adding to xorg-server14:08
teK_its already included! impressive!14:11
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frinnstyeah romster fixed it iirc14:36
Romsteryeah i did that ages ago14:43
teK_haha :p16:08
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frinnsti dont believe it! mozilla actually fixed a bug between release candidates!18:28
frinnst=======> Installing '/usr/ports/pkg/firefox#25.0b7-1.pkg.tar.xz' succeeded.18:30
frinnstthe joy of hyper-v - another windows server to patch off-hours during the weekend \o/19:33
teK_qemu's migrate is pure gold :)20:31
teK_dont they have a feature like that?20:31
nrxtxteK_: do you use the migrate stuff of qemu?20:52
teK_I tested it and it worked really really well20:56
nrxtxwhy the heck is optirun getting weird with 32bit apps..., it always fails to load swrast on nvidia screen, where it should load the nvidia one ...20:59
nrxtxteK_: pure qemu or with libvirt on top?21:00
teK_it's not as hard as one might expect21:08
nrxtxok, gn8 everyone :)21:26
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frinnstteK_: its a hyperv host located at a customer. the host itself still needs to be patched21:44

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