IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2013-10-13

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nrxtx*hi :D08:34
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horrorStruckfrinnst: looks like there's a summing mismatch on libdrm14:33
frinnstyeah they fucked it up a bit15:43
frinnstthey must have corrected it :)15:44
horrorStruckthere are new manpages also15:45
frinnstoh, not in drm? i thought the footprint was fvcked15:58
horrorStruckboth actually but i'm not sure if the manpages are generated even in a chroot, haven't checked.16:00
teK_libdrm lists 9 new files (man pages), footprint update required?17:11
teK_dammit fucking backlog17:11
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frinnstI dont see this18:14
frinnstdisable manpages for now maybe, we never shipped them before and they seem kind of redundant since its just a library18:20
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Amnesiafrinnst: why should manpages be redundant if it's a library?18:37
Amnesias|it's|it covers18:37
teK_I always found it a grat feature to be able to say man C-function and often getting something useful back18:41
Amnesiasame here18:43
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frinnstwell then why do we strip info-files?19:55
frinnstanyways, we never shipped man-pages for libdrm before19:55
frinnstand I dont have time/energy to look into it more right now, someone else is welcome to find a better solution. I guess the manpages are generated if you have docbook or something installed?19:57
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