IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2013-10-16

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teK_hey jue09:27
sepenhi jue10:29
sepenwhat we should do when creating Pkgfiles with .deb sources which have their own EULA license?10:30
sepenfrom our handbook 'Each software package comes with its own license, chosen by its author(s). To find out how a particular package is licensed, have a look at its source code.'10:31
sepenI have a port where source is a .deb file and iirc apt-get uses a particular user-interactive method to accept licenses10:32
sepenbut we don't have this user-interactive method to force user to read license, so can I just use the .deb file direclty?10:33
juewhy do you see a general difference between a .deb source and the usual tar archives?11:03
frinnstoh, you pushed curl11:16
juebtw, running new make 4.0 here since some time, looks not too bad but breaks qemu build for me11:30
Romsteranyone pushing jre jdk 45 update?11:35
sepenjue: hmm .deb can contains for example a firmware .bin file with his own license11:35
sepenRomster: thanks I'll take a look11:35
Romsteri noticed it at work today new version.11:36
jueRomster: thanks, I'm a bit behind with my ports currently, but will try to do it today11:49
Romsteri'm a bit behind too but i'm starting to get back into it again.11:49
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frinnstou, new gcc17:40
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