IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2013-10-21

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jaegerteK_: I'm thinking about writing up some documentation for installing CRUX 3.0 on a UEFI machine, did you ever do that or should I go ahead? Don't want to redo your work if you already have13:04
jaegerThe EFI page on the wiki looks rather sparse :)13:04
teK_I did not write things up13:14
teK_BUT basically it's efibootmgr + maybe an intermediate bootloader or a kernel13:15
jaegerI figured some information for each boot loader and efistub would be nice, separated into sections13:16
teK_that's a good idea13:16
jaegeralso information about EFI_VARS support, GPT partition layout, etc.13:16
teK_I can provide a sample elilo.conf13:16
jaegerok, will show you a draft when I get to that point :)13:17
jaegerI was going to work on it today since things are a bit slow but since I still have usb2 issues with the crux iso that may end up being harder than I thought13:17
jaegerooh, I bet I could do it with the release iso instead of the -updated13:17
jaegerI don't think 3.6.11 had that problem13:18
teK_possibly :)13:18
teK_seems as I mostly used the a stock elilo.conf..13:19
jaegerThe ISO mounts through the ILOM in this case which appears as a USB2 device13:19
jaegeryeah, release ISO works13:28
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frinnstrotwang asked me to fix thunderbird btw, it's not a hostile-takeover ;)16:48
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jaegerspent most of the day today unfucking a user's failed ubuntu upgrade21:07
frinnstjust pushed xorg-xf86-video-qxl, will need some cleanup and more detailed dependency line22:04

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