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jaegerteK_: so far I have this:
jaegerI'll write an efibootmgr section tomorrow, tired of it for tonight01:25
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Romsterare we going to move to openjpeg?07:40
teK_jaeger: very nice, I'd add the command that has to be run on setup time to create a gpt-based partition layout, otherwhise your writeup is very comprehensive07:52
Romsternever mind openjpeg is not a libjpeg replacement.07:56
frinnstRomster: libjpeg-turbo for 3.108:05
frinnstI have it staged here, no incompabilities yet08:05
frinnstutil-linux 2.24 ships new binaries: nologin, last, lastb, mesg10:24
frinnstsysvinit ships these for us currently, anybody looked into how util-linux differs?10:24
frinnstmaybe its intended to be used on systemd distros perhaps10:25
juefrinnst: we should remove them for now and keep the sysvinit ones10:53
juefrinnst: running rc1 and rc2 here without problems, will update the ports later10:54
juefrinnst: with 3.1 we should consider to switch to the util-linux stuff10:55
frinnstyeah i was thinking of 3.110:55
frinnstI have 2.24 staged here, i'll push it10:55
juefrinnst: do you mind if I commit a slighly different version?11:01
frinnstnot at all11:13
frinnstgo nuts11:13
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frinnsthm, most distributions install "ip" in /bin and symlinks to /sbin (or the other way around, debian places the binary in /bin)13:08
frinnstthis allows for quick query of the ip address from an unprivileged account without specifying path13:09
frinnstand i miss this in crux :)13:09
teK_or fix the paths altogether.. having more binaries on completion time never bothered me...13:18
jaegerI comment the lines in /etc/profile that change the path if you're not root these days13:27
teK_I never got that convention13:27
jaegerI don't know its origin13:28
frinnsti guess the philosophy is that sbin should only contain root binaries thus useless for non-root users13:33
teK_so I cannot run mkfs.* on a block device? :)13:33
frinnsti usually alias ip to /sbin/ip, same with ifconfig13:33
frinnstbut sometimes im too lazy13:34
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jaegerteK_: second draft -
jaegerteK_: I'd suggest the page be called "UEFI" instead of "EFI" for what that's worth15:27
jaegerUEFI superseded EFI in 2005 or 2006 I think15:28
jaegerI'll likely add an example partition layout and grub2 configuration from a dual-boot machine as well at some point15:35
Romsterthe llvm footprint keeps saying the *.a static library files are missing.16:45
teK_jaeger: looks fine, I have a dual-boot elilo.conf, too16:46
Romsterdid someone add --disable-static and not update the .footprint?16:46
teK_Romster: yeah I have this LLVM-file on my laptop16:46
teK_wait a sec16:46
Romsterhappened on 3 machines16:46
Romsteryep same as that16:49
jaegerteK_: do you want to contribute the elilo section? I haven't any experience with it17:53
jaegersame with the syslinux section for that matter, I wonder if anyone's done that with UEFI yet17:53
jaegerfrinnst: am I remembering correctly that you use Cisco UCS stuff at work?18:55
jaegerif so, B or C series?18:55
frinnstno, we just had a look at it19:38
frinnstsalesrep talking his nuts of about it and it did indeed look nice19:38
frinnstbut still hp for nwo19:38
teK_jaeger: can do, although it'll be not much more than 'efibootmgr ...' and the example config file :)19:39
Amnesiajesus christ, ffmpeg requires a shitload of new dependencies..19:40
jaegerI can't seem to make syslinux boot UEFI at all, the loader won't even start19:49
jaegerteK_: if you have no objections I'll post the page and leave the elilo section for you20:03
frinnstjaeger syslinux v6?20:11
jaegeryes. has to be v6 for UEFI support. in this case I tried 6.01 and 6.0220:12
jaegerEFI stub and GRUB2 work perfectly20:19
teK_jaeger: but fix the author please (i.e. remove my name)20:54
teK_otherwise: +120:54
teK_jaeger: didnt sepen try to makek syslinux work with EFI?20:54
jaegerteK_: I just added my name to yours :)20:56
jaegerhe may have, I'm not sure20:56
jaegersepen: any thoughts regarding syslinux UEFI? :)20:56
sepenI've some changes locally but I need to review all the stuff again before push anything21:02
sepenlast time I worked was 6.0121:02
jaegerteK_: ok, the page is up21:03
frinnstbtw fdisk seems to support gpt disks quite well these days21:09
frinnstyeah, atleast with the util-linux version pushed today21:10
jaegerI've noticed fdisk has support now but I have not tested it for robustness :)21:10
frinnstmy disk was gpt'ed with fdisk when i fucked up my btrfs fs21:11
frinnstrather, after i fucked it up21:11
frinnstand redid the fs :)21:11
teK_I still prefer fdisk over everything else so this is really good news coming from you, frinnst21:17
frinnstvery well written wiki21:18
jaegerThanks :)21:18
frinnstmay I hire you to write my documentation at work? :D21:18
jaegerThat will have to be a BIG salary :P I don't like documenting21:19
jaegerI try to do it well when I have to do it but I don't enjoy, heh21:19
frinnsti *really* dislike the ESP partition idea, silly uefi-workgroup21:22
frinnsthaving to soil an otherwise elegant disk-layout with a fat partition. eeew :)21:23
jaegerCareful, I'll paste a disk layout that has windows, linux, intel rapid start, and UEFI all at once!21:33
jaegerheads will explode21:33
frinnstyou are gonna make me have nightmares !21:44

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