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Romsterwhen everyone says to use parted i crunge and fall back to fdisk. makes me feel like the ms-dos days of fdisking01:53
jaegerI use parted most often these days01:54
Romsterparted is nice for some stuff though01:54
jaegerglad that fdisk is getting gpt support but I don't get the parted aggro that some people have01:54
Romstergrew up with fdisk though01:54
jaegerIt's just another tool for a job01:54
Romsterparted did some assumptions and corrupted/wiped data for some users.01:54
Romsterbut i haven't experienced this first hand myself though.01:55
jaegerso have disk and gdisk at some point or other01:55
jaegerhell, gdisk still converts to gpt automatically when you run it01:55
jaegerer, fdisk and gdisk I meant01:55
Romsterthat's nasty01:55
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frinnst, not sure it applies to glibc 2.1606:41
juegood morning06:55
Romsterpaste is 40407:03
Romstermorning all07:04
frinnstreally? works for me07:14
frinnststrange, oh well, the other links contain the patch07:14
juefrinnst: the bugzilla entry shows me that we shouldn't care much, the testcase looks very academic to me07:14
Romsteroh your comma ,07:15
Romsternow it owrks07:15
juewho has more than a handful of entries in /etc/hosts?07:15
Romstergot 607:16
Romstercounting localhost so really 507:16
frinnstyeah, and who uses ipv6? :)07:16
Romsterno need for that yet here07:17
Romsternot even my isp has given me one07:17
frinnsti sent a mail to my isp a while back and they seemed to have zero interest in it07:17
Romsterat least i have memorised my static ipv407:17
Romsterbut it would be nice to have a ipv6 range07:17
Romsteran't it well past the due date where everyone should have ipv6 now07:18
juewrt make 4.0: qemu is still the only port that doesn't build with new make for me; but I only use a very limited number of ports, thus it would be helpful if others could test it as well07:31
juediff is here ->
frinnsti'll give it a go too, but i also use quite a limited amounts of ports07:32
Romsteryeah i could test it i got a huge lot.07:36
Romsterjsut a version bump is all?07:36
frinnstaccording to the diff, yeah07:44
Romsterand the cves are obsolete on 4.0?07:45
Romsterdoing a sysup then i'll bump make07:45
frinnstim rebuilding * now, on c (chromium)07:46
Romster gateway timeout not sure how long that's been like that.08:02
juewell, glibc complains about a too old make :(09:50
juepatch ->
frinnstrebuild is now building ports that start with S \o/10:39
Romsterwhy don't they just do ">=3.79"11:25
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frinnstteK_: you never actually patched spice-gtk :)13:54
frinnstcheck the Pkgfile, the patch is commented out13:54
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frinnstit also installs crap in usr/share/locale14:44
jaegerfrinnst is flipping tables at work now14:44
frinnsthm, that didnt display properly i think14:45
jaegerindeed :)14:47
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teK_frinnst: that was a test17:44
teK_it took you quite long to pass it!17:44
jueteK_: got a .footprint error with llvm, + all the static libs you've removed with your commit from yesterday17:59
jueteK_: nvm, works without installed ocaml, sorry for the noise18:18
teK_sure :)18:40
frinnsthaha but I had already patched it locally and only noticed when i rebuilt everything :)18:43
teK_everybody happy now? gotta watch footbal :}18:45
jaegernothing from me19:04
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frinnstbut.. you didnt push?19:34
teK_what table?20:00
teK_on this machine spice-gtk wont compile with the patch enabled20:10
teK_well well20:10
frinnstoh well22:25

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