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Romsterfrinnst, are you sure your covering all the CVEs for libtiff?
frinnstsure? no09:48
frinnsti'll have a look09:48
Romster few patches.09:53
Romsterand one regarding jpeg-turbo for 3.1 testing.09:54
Romsternot being picky i was just hovering around and somehow noticed our libtiff has far fewer patches than other distros.09:55
frinnstyeah i've failed to patch the most critical bugs09:55
frinnst and
frinnstoops, same09:56
frinnsti'll fix it asap09:56
Romsteris libtiff even in active development?09:56
frinnstwell, "active" is a bit strong09:57
frinnstit is maintained09:57
Romster22-Sep-2012 last release.09:57
Romsterand with this many CVEs you would expect they would release a new version patched.09:58
Romsterhmm seems i better patch libtiff-32 too i'm even worse no patches O_O09:59
Romsteri'll do that after you patch the main one.09:59
Romstersepen needs to bump gnutls to 3.2.5 it's at 3.2.1 -_-10:02
Romsterfrinnst, xorg-xf86-video-qxl requires contrib/spice-protocol mind moving spice-protocol to opt teK_ ?10:44
Romsterxorg ports can't depend on ports in contrib.10:45
Romsterlooks like i used todo lots of testing and bugged eveyone with issues i found. and lately i've not done much of anyhting with crux.10:50
Romstercool teK_10:50
teK_and now everything is a mess?10:50
Romsteris now.10:51
Romsterblame frinnst for not testing xorg-xf86-video-qxl before committing.10:51
Romsteroops at my commit typo. oh well.10:57
Romsteri'd of half gathered that spice or spice-gtk depends on spice-protocol but it don't.11:00
Romsterwell you lot do a good job on crux when i'm slacking off.11:03
Romsterjaeger, heads up nvidia 319.60 is out.11:09
RomsterVersion: 319.60 - Release Date: Tue Oct 01, 201311:09
RomsterteK_, usr/lib/gtk-doc in spice-gtk -_-11:40
frinnstyeah i said qxl was incomplete with its deps, i didnt have an opportunity to test it but i knew people requested it11:51
Romsterthat's why i took a look.11:52
frinnstfuuuuuck cvs11:52
Romsternot looked at that are they doing anything?11:52
Romsteryou could just flog the patches off gentoo.11:53
frinnstPerhaps you used the wrong -p or --strip option?11:53
frinnsti diffed everything to one patch from their cvs repo11:53
Romsteri'd be inclined to import there cvs into git.11:54
Romsterand work with git11:54
frinnstit died :)11:56
Romsterit is a huge index page after all.12:04
Romsterwhy do that when they are conveniently there though.12:04
frinnstbecause im a wee bit stupid :)12:33
Romsterso that covers everything now.12:43
frinnsthope so12:47
frinnstit should12:47
Romstercool i'll update libtiff-3212:47
Romsterthere not sure how many of those affect the libs but it's easier to keep in line with libtiff.12:58
jaegeryeah, they sneak by because my ck4up job for nvidia keeps failing after working for a long time13:43
Romsterit was only recently released14:24
Romsteri only noticed today when i went to update nvidia drivers ona  clients computer14:24
jaegerI'll try to test and update it this evening, don't have any crux nvidia hardware at work currently14:36
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nrxtxuh how did i managed to get a footprint mismatch for util-linux?19:49
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frinnston what?20:40
nrxtxfrinnst: the footprint mismatch?20:43
nrxtxis someone already on util-linux 2.24-1, update worked fine?20:57
teK_yes, twice20:57
nrxtxdo have a command named "runuser" ?21:00
nrxtxthen its some configure stuff enabling it ...21:07
teK_but that's why pkgmk.conf offers PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW="yes"21:09
nrxtxi'm installing those things manually, will create a bug report tomorrow, that's the cleaner way disabling it at configure time21:11
teK_why disable it? be happy to have the binary?21:14
teK_do you have pam enabled?21:15
nrxtxcould be that linux-pam resulted building it21:15
teK_I would consider this a bug, not a feature21:16
teK_after all .. there are people that want to use pam etc so --disable-pam should be a last resort route, imho21:16
nrxtxi had something that needed it as hard dependency, though i normally do not use it21:19
teK_I think it's not that bad at all21:19
teK_the rule definitions could be more intutitive though but making authentication pluggable is not a bad thing in general21:19
nrxtxlast experience i had with pam, was when it used in a company network together with some mapping to the windows authentication stuff21:21
nrxtxwas quite funny since it generated duplicate uids21:21
teK_winbindd or ldap? :)21:21
teK_you can remap them to a higher range e.g. 30000+ so that should not happen if your admin knows what he's doing21:22
jaegerI use quite a bit of winbind+samba to auth linux boxes against AD here at work21:22
jaegerhaven't had any overlap, the stack is much more stable now than it used to be21:22
teK_I set up a samba4 AD controller in <5 minutes the other day.. win 7 would join it flawlessly.. impressive :)21:23
teK_tell that to jue.. he did the port; most work was waiting for compilation :D21:24
teK_maybe I will retry joing our ERP server with samba4 to our 2k3-domain at work21:24
nrxtxthey mapped around 110000 windows users to uids/gids using pam and some stuff21:24
nrxtxfunny thing every temrinal i opened i was a different user21:25
nrxtxsince there were two other with the same uid21:25
nrxtxthey fixed it later, but it was horrible to use for a week21:26
nrxtxok now my only thing left to update is qt421:26
nrxtxwhy the heck does it have problems with gstreamer on building it...21:36
nrxtxgst-plugins-base missing as dependency :)21:43
nrxtxis there currently anything special to test at crux development?21:44
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