IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2013-10-28

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Romsterconsidering we are using --enable-official-branding in firefox and it's in binary form on the iso, that suggests it's okay to enable --enable-texture-float on mesa3d.01:24
Romsteri was looking at the --disable-rpath stuff but not sure if it's a really big issue with a source based distro as ours.01:24
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nrxtxRomster: problem is that some programs relying on the behaviour of LD_LIBRRARY_PATH, will not work correctly when rpath is hardcoded in the executables being set to the default library search path e.g. rpath == /usr/lib07:36
nrxtxonly 5-10% of executables and libraries in crux have this "bug"07:38
nrxtxwhich behave correctly after stripping rpath07:38
nrxtxso it does not prevent the system from working, it just changes the behaviour of LD_LIBRARY_PATH when using it07:39
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