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teK_Debian discussing changing to systemd  or upstart12:33
teK_one argument for systemd was that practically GNOME  depends on it12:34
teK_how fucked up has a DE to be so that it depends on a mechanism to start applications? :)12:34
jaegerIt's probably just that there's developer overlap or something13:00
Romsterhope they pick upstart to despise systemd.13:02
Romsterubuntu is using upstart a spin off of debian13:03
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frinnstlennart posted some thoughts about that ~2 days ago14:54
frinnstsaid pretty much that if they dont pick systemd they will have to for fucking everything14:55
frinnstbecause everything will depend on it14:55
frinnstI believe ultimately this really boils down to this: the Linux userspace plumbing layer is nowadays developed to a big part in the systemd source tree. Ignoring this means you constantly have to work with half-baked systems14:56
frinnstim pretty sure systemd is not as bad as everyone thinks, but i fucking despise the method they are using to bring it about14:57
jaegerI've used a fedora install or two with it, it doesn't get in the way for daily usage... it's just aggravating as hell that it's been forced down everyone's throat15:02
juewell, do we really care right now? I don't think so, the only part of systemd we need is udev, all the other "great" things of systemd like journal, kdbus or cgroups are optional, at least for us if we don't care about a full-blown DE15:30
juebut yeah, in the long run it might happen that a linux system without systemd will not work15:32
juefor myself I don't need anything of the fancy new stuff and running a DE is out of question for me but15:34
juebut we will see, I think we shouldn't care about that for CRUX 3.1 ;)15:35
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jaegerFor now I don't think we need to care, agreed. Just commenting. :)15:37
jaegerI did want to get your opinion on maybe doing official updated relases every 6 or 3 months, something like that15:37
jaegerminor version bump type thing15:37
juedo you mean something like your updated ISO's?15:40
jueor a release with new tool-chain?15:41
jaegerI mean like the updated ISO but on an official schedule15:44
jaegerCRUX 3.1 would be a standard update with new toolchain, etc.15:44
jaeger3.1.1, 3.1.2 would be just updates to save build time15:44
jueyeah, that's of course fine for me15:45
jaegerI will need to do some research and set up a CI server for it before we can implement that, probably, but something to think about for 3.115:45
jueif we are there, what's your opinion wrt 3.1?15:48
jueI mean in terms of time :)15:50
jaegerWell, we can certainly work on 3.1 before I mess with that automation stuff, no problem15:54
jaegerI'd really like to consider a centralized source mirror as well but I've no idea yet if that's feasible in terms of storage space or bandwidth used15:54
jaegerJust something else that's on my list15:54
jaegerAFK, got to go help some users15:55
juejaeger: we are not in hurry IMO, if your automation works helps with the new release we should wait for it15:57
juebtw, we released 3.0 in January ...16:00
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jaegerback now. Ok, I'll spend some time on the automation setup this week and see how that goes16:12
jueok, great16:25
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nrxtxhi jaeger, everything is fine?19:39
jaegerno big complaints currently19:43
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