IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2013-10-31

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frinnstsepen gnutls should probably be bumped to 3.2.614:53
sepenoops, didn't notice it15:08
jaegerwow, texlive is huge15:13
jaegerHrmm, we should change the dhcpcd source20:04
jaegerURL, it's been broken for quite a while20:04
frinnstdo you have one that's working?20:17
jaegerNot off the top of my head but I'll look for one20:18
frinnstwe have a script that checks for broken urls, right?20:18
frinnstI dont get a mail for that, but maybe im not supposed to20:18
jaegerNo idea on that20:19
jaeger~3.6GB for a source mirror of core, opt, and xorg21:10
jaeger1.3GB is texlive21:10
teK_exceptions give proof of the rule? ;)21:10
jaeger <--- looks like an ok dhcpcd URL, at least for temporary use. I can update that if nobody objects21:13
teK_or put it on
jaegeralternatively a gentoo distfiles mirror would work21:13
jaegeror that21:13
teK_into /distfiles?21:13
jaegerok, it's in distfiles on now21:16
jaegerwell, /files/distfiles21:16
teK_yeah something like that21:17
teK_compiling elilo makes clang dump its stack21:25
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frinnst# note that no_windows must not exist ?22:37
frinnstits optional, or is it still required when booting windows?22:37
frinnstis the append section global?22:38
jaegerteK_: looks good :)22:42
jaegerI thought it was specific to the image but maybe not in elilo? maybe not even in lilo, I'm not sure.22:48
teK_what was specific to the image jaeger?23:37
teK_gotta go, power is running low23:38
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