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jaegerteK_: I was thinking the append line was but not sure03:59
Romsterdoes not look like dhcpcd project page is coming back. dead project?07:22
Romstermaybe this could be considered for crux 3.1
Romsterjue, teK_ frinnst whoever else is in core.07:26
juegood morning07:36
jueRomster: the last commit to the dhcpcd repo was 3 weeks ago, I'd say it's to early to speak about a dead project ;)07:39
frinnstyeah probably just a hosting issue08:07
frinnstthe maintainer seems to be quite active in various other oss projecst08:07
Romsterthen why is the url been dead for a few weeks at least.08:20
Romster (110) Connection timed out08:21
Romsternot just the download now the entire site.08:21
Romstermaybe but phone and monitoring apps and stuff exist now.08:25
Romsterguess wait it out i can't even get to the git tree on there to see the commit history.08:26
Romsterunless it's just my path that's got a dead router.08:26
Romstersome where in London08:27
Romsterhop 12 25% packet loss O_O08:28 not reachable oh well hopefully someone fixes it shortly08:29
jueRomster: don't panik :)08:32
frinnstMy modem died incase anyone wonders why my site is down or im not answering emails. #shutdowntheinternet08:35
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sepenRomster: opus has a footprint missmatch12:09
sepenoops, sorry the diff is not the right one12:11
sepenjust the Pkgfile needs --disable-docs12:13
sepen*err, --disable-doc (I make many mistakes today, I'll have to forget about drinking alcohol definitely)12:15
sepenseriously :D12:15
Romstercould you possibly look at qca in contrib and fix it. it's broken currently i forked qca and qca-ossl for clementine12:18
Romsterbeen meaning to report them to you.12:18
Romsterand i fixed them to make use of ccache/distcc via CC/CXX set in pkgmk.conf and MAKEFLAGS12:20
Romsterjust haven't reported them to you yet12:20
sepenI've in mind qt4 report12:21
Romsterwas gona do a diff agenst yours.12:21
sepenbut didn't have the time to try it12:21
Romsteralso something needs to be done for qt4 if gstreamer  is installed and not gst-plugins-base but it's tricky what todo there.12:21
Romsteri could try changes if you let me know what your trying todo.12:22
Romsteri seem to be in bug hunting mode lately again.12:22
sepenwell, qt4 has a tons of deps so one more is not a problem ;D12:22
Romsterwould avoid a failure half way though qt4 if it did depend on gst-plugins-base12:23
sepengst-plugins-base as a dep would be ok to me12:23
sepenbut I need to review the stuff to refresh my mind12:24
Romstercool easiest solution12:24
sepenat least I used to build the port 1 time against new changes12:24
Romstertrying to see what opus is usign for man page generation doxygen?12:25
Romsterchecking for doxygen... yes12:26
Romsterah doxygen it is.12:27
sepenah you want to keep manpages12:27
Romsternot sure if i should or not..12:27
sepen--disable-doc just removes all doc and man stuff12:27
sepenyou're right12:27
Romsteris that even wise.12:27
sepenI've doxygen installed12:27
Romsteri could just do rm -rf $PKG/usr/share/doc12:27
sepenah, and I've got this from ffmpeg, I'm gonna look for what happened12:28
sepenRomster: rm -rf seems fine12:29
sepenand no cares about doxygen in the system12:29
Romsteri prefer not hard disabling man pages but not hard dependency on doxygen.12:30
sepenyou enabled avresample in ffmpeg's configure12:30
sepenRomster: +112:30
Romsterthe whole idea of me rewriting the ignore new files in footprint patch that took over a year to get accepted, for that reason.12:30
Romsteri did a major over haul of ffmpeg.12:31
sepenwell, from my POV I like to see footprint errors12:31
sepenCRUX is not Ubuntu ;D12:31
Romsteri haven't heard of any complaints yet.12:31
Romsteri don't like force removing share sometimes that can come back to bite you.12:32
sepenI like to maintain my own rules in pkgadd.conf so I can decide what to install or not12:36
sepenand/or update12:36
Romsteri'd prefer todo that and not strip all the NLS stuff out but crux likes to strip all that out.12:36
Romsteri can probably understand about info and doc pages though and just keep man12:37
sepenI've a box where I have a rule to avoid man pages and includes too ;D12:37
Romsterand i know locale != NLS12:37
sepenthis box uses pkg-get12:37
sepenpkgadd.conf rocks!12:37
Romsterah yeah no need for indludes there for building heck you cans trip symlinks as well and *.la *.a files out12:38
Romstercan strip*12:38
Romsterdon't expect to sysup ever on it thugh12:38
sepenwell, use pkg-get sysup12:39
Romsteri probably should have done disable-doc in opus i'll look at doing that later.12:41
sepenhere is the lunchtime, bbl12:43
sepenRomster: I applied your changed in qca and removed qca-tls port12:58
sepenmany thanks12:58
Romsterso is it ok if i put in qca-ossl in contrib or you gonna fix and move that to contrib?12:59
Romsteri plan to put clementine in contrib.13:00
sepengo ahead13:30
frinnstanybody like to see password-store in contrib?
Romstercheers sepen13:49
Romsternot looked at that yet frinnst13:49
frinnstI think i'll add it anyways :)13:51
frinnst(its lovely)13:52
Romsteri so need todo a major clean out in my personal repo it's a mess. 402 ports...13:52
sepenI also need to review my stuff from time to time13:55
sepenhmmm I need a sexy secretary13:55
Romsterno you don't unless it's your wife <<13:56
sepenshe is not13:56
Romsterif you had a hot secretary it might end up in an affair.13:57
Romstertend to see that on movies alot.13:57
sepen*porn movies13:58
sepenwould cost me more to learn my secretary to keep ports to do it myself13:59
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