IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2013-11-02

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rmullHi, I installed webkit and all deps and I ran out of disk space while installing webkit after it built successfully. However, prt-get still reports successful installation. This doesn't seem right to me...02:43
rmullprt-get isinst webkit says it's installed as well02:43
rmullI can post the build log if anyone cares02:43
jaegerodd indeed03:14
jaegerI'd say save it for the maintainer at least, they may want it03:43
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rmulljaeger: Isn't this sort of a prt-get or pkgmk bug?03:51
jaegerhrmm, could be, I guess03:59
jaegerI was thinking you meant that the webkit build didn't exit with an error status or something but yeah, sounds more like a prt-get/pkgutils thing04:55
jaegerrmull: I just remembered FS#620, probably the same issue05:43
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