IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2013-11-03

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frinnstanybody else fail to build pciutils with make 4 ?12:54
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frinnstqemu seems to fail also14:23
frinnstar: two different operation options specified14:23
frinnstMakefile:234: recipe for target 'libfdt/libfdt.a' failed14:23
frinnsttoo lazy to look into it14:23
nrxtxqemu fails?14:36
frinnstwith make 4, yes14:37
nrxtxdo you already have a port for it or just experimenting locally?14:39
frinnstjust playing around :)15:23
frinnstglibc, qemu*, pciutils are the ports i have installed that seems to have trouble with it15:24
frinnstthere's a patch for glibc in the upstream tree15:25
juefrinnst: I've reported the qemu/make issue already,
juebut didn't catch the pciutils problem15:47
frinnstcan you reproduce it? it might be related to something else on my wierd environment :)16:11
frinnstglibc-git etc :)16:11
juehmm, now pciutils fails reproducible, dunno what I've done previously :)16:15
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nrxtxfrinnst: still some open bugs with make 4?21:45
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frinnstsome ports fail, yes22:08
frinnstmake4 will have to wait for next crux22:08
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