IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2013-11-09

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frinnstteK_: nice07:07
frinnststartssl also have free certs07:07
frinnsti read that as its only free for the first year07:10
frinnstFree first year exclusively for qualified Open Source projects.*07:10
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nrxtxteK_: nmap package is broken for me, can you check that?10:11
frinnst=======> Building '/usr/ports/pkg/nmap#6.40-1.pkg.tar.xz' succeeded.10:17
frinnstworks here10:17
frinnstwhat errors do you see?10:17
nrxtxmkdir: mkdir: cannot create directory '/usr/ports/contrib/nmap/work/pkg/usr/man/man1'cannot create directory '/usr/ports/contrib/nmap/work/pkg/usr/man/man1': File exists: File exists10:27
frinnstthat looks wierd. the Pkgfile doesnt create these files manually so it must be the nmap Makefile10:28
frinnstare you using MAKEFLAGS in your pkgmk.conf? if so you might want to try "make -j1 DESTDIR=$PKG install" in the Pkgfile10:29
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nrxtxseems to happen only sometimes when using "-jX"10:41
nrxtxnot every time10:41
frinnstyeah some ports are more "racey" than others10:51
frinnsttho ive never had an issue with nmap personally that I can remember10:51
frinnstbut -j1 on the "make install" part works?10:51
nrxtxfrinnst: yes10:53
nrxtxbut like is said not every time with -j16 fails only sometimes10:54
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teK_crappy Makefiles ftw13:45
teK_fixing, thx13:45
teK_Rotfl Wobben13:51
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frinnstteK_: there are new bind releases with security fixes21:21
teK_here we go again :)22:41
teK_yeah fucking isc website22:49
teK_[] I would like to receive news and updates from ISC22:49
teK_no but I'd rather see the changelog where you - _again_ - list your stupid CVE numbers22:49
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frinnstmailinglist ftw23:31
frinnst(its low traffic)23:32
teK_(it was low traffic)23:34
frinnsthah, what? their announce list isnt bad at all23:40

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