IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2013-11-11

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jaegerRomster: ilmbase and openexr seem pretty old, could those be safely updated?02:41
jaeger2.0.1 for both02:51
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Romsterjaeger, do you want to pick them two up i have nothing in contrib that depends on them.07:29
Romsteri could do with a few less ports.07:29
Romsterlooks like i need to grab faac and faad2 though that your giving away.07:30
juefrinnst: I've uploaded a new tarball, version 20131108, please test and report back10:57
frinnstyep, running it already11:07
frinnstbut difficult to test unless i trash my FS :)11:07
frinnstmaybe wait a day or two then push11:08
jueok, will do so11:08
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teK_MISSING   -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/include/python2.7/pyconfig.h12:11
teK_NEW       -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/include/python2.7/pyconfig.h12:11
Romsterthat will be teK_ 's crazy umask12:20
teK_it's sane and not crazy12:22
teK_but yes12:22
jaegerRomster: I'll try my new versions for a bit with blender and if they work properly I'll take them if you like13:05
Romsterjaeger, sure i arn't using them currently and i got more than enough to maintain.13:13
Romsteri'm done hogging ports that i don't use much if at all anymore.13:13
Romsteri'm too much a port whore.13:13
jaegerprobably a good thing :)13:13
jaegerthe done part, I mean13:13
Romsteri'm only concerned where i use them.13:14
Romsterlike the gstreamer thing.13:14
Romsterbecame a pain to keep it all in sync.13:14
jueteK_: your umask is at least boring ;)13:59
juebut yeah, as already talked, we should not use cp to install files14:13
frinnstheh, whats your umask then?14:17
teK_I'm sloppy14:19
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frinnstbet both nspr and nss contain security fixes, but there are no changelogs available and fuck if im gonna dig through their repos20:40
frinnstheh, the snapshot of / containing non-stripped binaries expired today20:45
frinnstgot ~10gig back :)20:45
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jaegerjue: wpa_supplicant seems to require dbus these days21:22
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frinnstbuildtime dep? :/21:51
frinnstnot that surprising but still sucks21:52
horrorStruckin fact, it was added on alan's request
frinnstoh :)22:03
jaegerIt just isn't listed in the deps22:03
frinnstyeah i think even jue asked what we thought about it22:03
jaegerI had no objections to adding support for it, myself22:03
horrorStrucknot very cruxy, if i may :)22:04
jaegerat least none that I recall22:04
frinnstnot very unixy :)22:04
frinnstbut yeah, its what dbus is for so22:04
horrorStruckkdbus will save our souls :P22:05
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