IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2013-11-12

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juejaeger: yeah, thanks, I forgot to add it to the deps07:19
juefrinnst: right, I asked here and jaeger and you agreed to add dbus support07:21
juehorrorStruck: yep, I'm still not happy with the decision ;)07:23
jueone think I've overlooked: wpa_supplicant is part of our ISO, meaning we have to add dbus as well, not very nice :(07:25
jueperhaps a real reason to revert the change?07:26
frinnstor are there other packages on the iso that could benefit from dbus?07:32
juethe only one I can see is firefox, dunno if it will be better with dbus :)07:35
frinnstno :)07:35
juelol :)07:35
frinnstcan you push a glib update for me? Im at work07:37
frinnstor i'll do it once i get home07:37
juesure, I can07:37
juenp, done07:51
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jaegerfirefox has failed to link twice now in an 8GB tmpfs13:16
jaegerboth times due to running out of space13:17
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Romsteri have noticed that here too jaeger15:28
Romsterthe damn thing is getting even more bloated.15:29
frinnstits called "features" :)16:23
frinnstdoes chromium succeed?16:23
teK_chromium managed to keep its insanity level at a rather low leve17:44
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teK_can we add this our contrib git guide:
teK_roelof is driving me nuts18:23
frinnstI just try to ignore him20:32
frinnsthe will never be happy20:32
frinnstand he doesnt seem to want to learn20:32
horrorStruckTommorrow I try to find out how I can start Xfce. <--- sounds like a good plan :D21:18
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horrorStruckguys, to prevent doing another false step, would applying to contrib with the main "project" being systemd ported to crux make sense at all? TIA for your advices, i still wish i could contribute to my beloved distro.23:38

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