IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2013-11-14

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frinnstsepen: new flash08:13
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jaegerjue: I had connectivity issues last night, will push the iso changes this morning, sorry for the delay again14:09
jaegerjue: done14:14
sepenfrinnst: hey thanks14:44
sepenfrinnst: long time since last update14:44
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nrxtxhm kind of weird to create a "go" port ...23:10
nrxtxis there a way that when a port is installed the timestamp of last modification is kept?23:12
sepenI've no idea but there is a 'go' port in our portdb23:25
nrxtxsepen: that's mine but its broken23:26
sepenI remember to port 'go' in the past23:31
nrxtx... seems like i got it working, it tried to rebuild parts of itself after installing23:32
nrxtxsepen: if you are interested you can give it a try23:35
sepenI removed the port from my private repository due to I never played with it23:37
sepenfor what is need it nowadays? I ported in some years ago but I didn't hear about any stuff using 'go'23:38
nrxtxsepen: there arent' a lot projects i know of, but least there are some i'm interested in and need to compile them23:45
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