IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2013-11-15

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mike_kjue, I didn't get the man pages aspect in ticket #20013:46
juelol, I've reopened the wrong ticket :)13:47
juesorry for that13:47
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Amnesiathere's a footprint mismatch in the mesa3d port14:09
Romsteri noticed that before Amnesia14:22
Romsternew version out 9.2.3 i'll bump it14:23
Amnesiaah k sorry14:23
Romsternp you weren't to know.14:23
Romsterhas to be a missing dependency but not sure exactly what one.14:24
Romsteroh someone already bumped mesa3d14:24
Romstermust of done it jsut recently ugh another one todo.14:24
jueAmnesia: works for me, what's your error?14:27
Amnesiasorry, too lazy to pb it:P14:28
Amnesiacheck your pm14:28
Amnesiait's just a footprint mismatch14:28
juewell, looks like you have vdpau installed14:29
juethat reminds me that our libvdpau discussion is still open ;)14:31
Romsterusr/lib/ and stuff is missing though14:40
Romsternew stuff is not a bug.14:40
Romsterbut that missing nouveau lib is.14:41
Romsterdoes it need llvm or something for that lib?14:41
Romsterisn't llvm i'm not sure what yet is making that being missed.15:05
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Romsterah found it missing xorg-libxvmc15:16
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nrxtxgoing home! :) brb15:26
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Romsterjue, should we have presentproto, xcb-util-cursor and vfpauinfo?15:49
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sepenfrinnst: I sent you a cc email. seems glib needs a review19:06
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frinnsthm, works for me20:39
frinnstoh well, look at that tomorrow20:40

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