IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2013-11-16

Romsterwhat's up with glib? i haven't seen any errors00:43
frinnstnah, schema-compile "error"00:58
frinnstif you have gtk3 installed you wont see it, because the post-install script does it for you00:58
Romsterfrinnst, firefox 25.0.1 is out and you could remvoe that redundant gstreamer line out of mozconfig01:41
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frinnstRomster: did you see a changelog?10:50
frinnsttheir announce mailinglist is quiet as usual..10:50
Romsterno i just saw a new tarball10:50
Romsterit is there10:50
Romsterdon't know of the changes.10:50
Romsteri already built it and is on if you wanna try it.10:51
Romsteras a built package10:51
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frinnstthe security fixes link just lists 25.012:31
frinnstoh well12:31
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frinnstinteresting usernotes on installin/running crux for the first time20:27
frinnstnotes regarding our docs etc20:27
nrxtxa lot of stuff is just port related20:56
nrxtxespecially kde4 overloaded stuff20:56
frinnstyep, but perhaps some useful notes regarding the docs21:40
frinnstmakeflags etc21:41
nrxtxthe one thing i agree with is the repo stuff, which could be more userfriendly showing if a port is out of date21:42
nrxtxteK_: do you have a csv list of all active repos?23:26
teK_no. Which? All of them?23:29
teK_how about
nrxtxthx that works also23:34

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