IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2013-11-17

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jaegerI see roelof is at it again on the ML... "X can't work" without any explanation or error04:16
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teK_fucking pixbuf11:22
teK_chromium is all red again11:22
Romsterjust got home11:29
Romsteryou sure it's gdk-pixbuf's fault?11:31
Romsterthe pixbuff loaders stuff really needs fixing but i never provided frinnst with the diffs yet11:35
Romster[9780:9780:1117/] This is frequently caused by incorrect permissions on /dev/shm.  Try 'sudo chmod 1777 /dev/shm' to fix.11:40
Romsteryeah right i'm gonna do that...11:40
Romsterwhat even uses /dev/shm anymore.11:40
RomsterteK_, try this
Romsterthis is not vim.11:50
nrxtxi see :D11:50
Romsterand gtk teK_
Romsterfrinnst, you may wanan update gtk gdk-pixbuf the existing way it generates the caches is depreciated.12:02
Romsterpastes above ^ only thing i didn't do is include the cache with the source that's needed for the iso.12:03
teK_Romster: ty, will give it a try later today12:51
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teK_13:49 < teK_> Romster: ty, will give it a try later today13:03
Romsteryeah i got the reply.13:03
teK_connectionwas laggy ;)13:03
Romster could also try that too when it's finished uploading.13:08
Romsterbuilt in a clean chroot only moments ago13:08
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frinnstoh yeah, yes they are a bit of a mess13:34
frinnstim taking some time off work in about a month. will do some work then13:35
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frinnst..and for core19:57
jaegerIs it that time? :)20:06
frinnsthehe, perhaps not but "why not?" :)20:06
jaegerfair enough, heh20:07
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