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Romsterwhere is this accessible? frinnst02:24
Romsteralso did you look at gtk and gdk-pixbuf cache file?02:24
Romsterbe in your backlog in here if not.02:25
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frinnstRomster: wat?12:17
Romster gdk-pixbuf gtk12:22
Romsterthe caches for them two how you have it now is depreciated.12:23
Romsterthey changed it in later gtk stuff if oyu go look up the changelog12:23
Romsteronly thing i didn't do is add the cache to the source line that's required for iso shipping.12:24
juefrinnst: are you sure? shouldn't we create the branches as late as possible, to avoid a lot of merges and/or cherry picks?16:02
juefrinnst: but well, this might be the starting signal for a 3.1?16:03
frinnsti thought so :)16:29
frinnstbrute-force development :)16:30
juewell, no objections at all, but I will not have so much time the next weeks16:32
frinnstI'll have a few weeks off in 3weeks or so16:32
jueah, that sounds good ;)16:32
juejaeger: have you had the time to work on your new ISO buildsystem?16:34
jaegerI have a build script that works well and could be cronned or scripted easily, it's mostly fine. It falls down when a source URL is broken or site down but that's another issue16:35
jaegerI'm working on 3.12 config files for the ISO currently16:38
juefrinnst: looks like you have a plan how to proceed already?16:39
teK_jaeger: I've been toying with hudson last week (I even imported contrib/ to be built on single clicks) but after looking at our traditional Makefile for the ISO I abandoned the plan to put that beast into hudson, too16:42
teK_jaeger: mind sharing your script?16:42
jaegerThat VM isn't powered on right now but I'll clean/comment it a bit and share it later16:43
jaegerThe script itself is actually very simple now. I removed a ton of stuff from my original version because I was trying to solve source download issues in the same script16:44
jaegerNow it only does ISO builds16:44
teK_this Makefile made me turn away in awe :)16:44
teK_I "used" it when I proposed the dmcrypt enabled ISO for version 2.5 or .616:45
teK_does your script require euid==0?16:45
teK_I'm keen to get my hands on it :)16:45
jaegerProbably, or some fakeroot magic. It uses the Makefile16:46
jaegerAnyone want any of these before I drop them?
teK_our distro is worth a good laugh without them20:04
teK_so if you drop them, Ill pick 'em up20:04
jaegerI have not used them in a long time, would prefer someone who does to maintain the port. Better quality that way20:06
teK_last update: 2011-03-2920:08
teK_I can bear that burden :p20:08
jaegerok :)20:09
jaegerteK_: do you still use dmcrypt? Is that something we need to officially include in 3.1?20:18
teK_of course I do20:35
teK_include where?20:35
jaegerThe installation ISO20:35
teK_but I think it's somewhat pointless as long as we dont supply a bare bones initrd that supports full disk encryption20:36
jaegerwiki page instead, then?20:36
teK_I'd be willing to put some time into that again if jue and frinnst see value and a real possibility for 3.1 to ship with that20:36
jaegerAnything's possible if there's enough demand :)20:37
teK_-rw-r--r-- 1 tek tek   54 [2009/08/04] crux-2.6-test0a.iso.md520:41
jaegerwonder if we can fix some of the long-standing bugs like the pkgmk running out of space one21:03
teK_pkgmk parallel fails Assigned Tilman Sauerbeck21:05
jaegerpkgadd rather than pkgmk, I guess21:06
teK_FS#333 should be fix OR closable21:06
teK_that is21:06
teK_oh prt-get has more than that one bug :|21:07
teK_% prt-get update glibc21:07
teK_package glibc is not installed21:07
teK_% sudo prt-get update glibc21:08
teK_prt-get: updating /usr/ports/core/glibc21:08
teK_also: wtf will it update glibc if prt-get sysup does not show that update21:09
teK_it does not show up in ports -d either21:10
jaegercorrupted package database?21:11
jaegernot sure why, that's odd21:12
teK_p% pkginfo -i | grep glibc21:12
teK_glibc 2.16.0-521:12
teK_glibc-32 2.16.0-621:12
teK_% prt-get info glibc | grep Release21:12
teK_Release:      521:12
teK_yeah... riiight21:12
jaegerwell, prt-get update can be used to rebuild, makes sense that it wouldn't be tied to sysup21:16
jaegerguessing the "not installed" thing was a database read permissions issue, maybe21:16
teK_it was21:17
teK_still a bug21:17
jaegerfair enough21:17
teK_so prt-get update 'forces' updating of the package but not rebuilding, that's what -fr is for, I suppose21:20
teK_so this behaviour is fine after all21:20
jaegerI can't think of many use cases for the former except for something like building firefox on a faster machine and then updating it on the slow one21:21
jaegerI use pkgadd -u for that, myself, though21:21
teK_rule of thumb for me: system-wide stuff: prt-get, maintaining stuff: pkg{mk,add} ;)21:22
teK_and I need to update flyspray, too21:26
teK_seriously? :\21:28
jaegeroooh, that's annoying... linux-3.12.tar.xz and /lib/modules/3.12.022:58
jaegerbreaks the Makefile because it's expecting lib/modules/3.1222:59

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