IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2013-11-19

jaegerwrong window. :P01:28
jaegerIt looks pretty lame now without all the extra junk I had in it originally, heh01:35
Romsteri've been thinkingof making meta files for sources for crux.01:50
Romsterbut doing that with my version sort stuff.01:51
Romsterwould need to use aria2 though01:51
Romsterjaeger, are you picking up ilmbase and openexr ?01:58
Romsterafk work02:05
jaegersure, they seem to work alright02:27
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teK_that's it. He's on my shit list NAOW13:09
frinnstjue: not really a plan, no :)13:42
frinnstbut i've committed the ports im comfortable with13:42
frinnstbesides, its easy to change something in git! :)13:42
frinnstRomster: could you email me diffs for the changes you made to gtk and .. i forget :)13:49
frinnstI fear i will lose track of them otherwise13:49
Romsteri will later frinnst13:56
frinnstOMG i dont believe it! a customer solved a problem without me having to do anything14:01
frinnstofcourse they didnt *tell* me they had solved it14:01
frinnstsee, dont answer the phone when a customer calls, leave it to voice mail and wait an hour with the callback!14:01
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