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jaegerhrmm... anyone messed with colord? It seems to need some newer udev features than 182 offers06:10
jaegerI'll look into testing a newer version this weekend, perhaps06:11
juejaeger: if you mean a newer version of udev, I'd suggest to test eudev (port is in my personal repo)06:50
frinnstyeah eudev seems to work just fine07:26
juerunning it here on my laptop and netbook since some months now, no issues07:31
frinnstyeah same here on my workstation07:34
juenot looked how we can generate the hwdb best, it's not possible to define an alternative path with 'udevadm hwdb --update'07:37
jueso we need something post install07:38
juea simple solution can be to run the command in udev_start if /etc/udev/hwdb.bin does not exist?07:40
juewell, have to go, bbl07:40
frinnsthwdb? hm, Ive must have missed something important :)07:48
Amnesiacould you folks bump up ruby?09:18
jaegerjue: does eudev have the hwdb stuff that newer udevs have?14:08
jueAmnesia: thanks, ck4up told me the new version this morning too, will commit it later14:24
juejaeger: yes, eudev should have all newer udev features14:24
Amnesiado note that the 2.x version's also stable nowadays14:25
jaegerjue: I had to go away from the computer but now I see right after you guys mentioned it you talked about hwdb... sorry, I'm not fully awake yet14:26
jaegerI'll give it a try14:26
jueyep, we already talked about it. But I've put into the TODO31 suff, because it requires rebuilds, footprints updates etc.14:27
juesorry, the latst was meant for Amnesia14:28
juejaeger: great, eudev is something we should consider for 3.114:28
jaegersounds good to me14:28
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jaegerThis isn't by any means share-ready but just for amusement's sake:
nrxtxjaeger: you could post this on the ml :D17:56
jaegerIf I actually flesh out the ports and make it work properly I might but for now I'd rather not, heh17:58
jaegerlots of stuff doesn't work... no icons or applications in the menus, for example17:59
jaegerI just figured it couldn't be as difficult as he made it sound17:59
jaegerIt's certainly a lot of work, though17:59
nrxtxhm httpup has no return code when it fails downloading files, or did i just miss something?20:54
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