IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2013-11-25

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jaegerNo complaints about eudev so far, though the predictable names thing is odd14:32
frinnstpredictable names?14:57
frinnsti also run eudev but have no idea what you are referring to :)14:57
jaegernetwork devices since 197 are given "predictable names"14:57
jaegerwlp3s0, etc.14:57
frinnstah, never noticed but i have a rule defined for ethX already14:58
jaegerI guess it's part of the systemd udev as well14:58
jaegeryou can disable or change it, just something new to get used to14:58
frinnstguess its ok, more like bsd and such14:58
frinnstbut some programs expect eth0 etc. i remember when i used lan, wan etc for my nics14:59
jaegerYeah... will take some adjustment I expect14:59
Romsteri hit issues when i swapped lan cards and had to edit the net persistant rules and make the mac address for eth0 correct.15:23
jaegerThat's unrelated to eudev, will happen with any recent udev release, even our old 18215:24
jaegerOne of the reasons they switched to predictable names, actually15:24
Romsterwhy don't they jsut use the pci/pcix interface slot number ot fix the etch card too?15:25
Romsterwhich is one of there schemes.15:26
jaegerif you read that doc I linked that is one of the ways15:26
Romsteri was skimming though it and just saw that bit15:27
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