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sepenI've a footprint missmatch for mesa3d
Romsternew files are not a bug.... how can that be possible though...13:47
Romsteri forgot to commit the footprint when i did;a=commitdiff;h=0c766bb847a2d1ee4d615bf47fa4168ee55b406713:48
Romsterhm no there is no diff for me...14:17
Romsterwtf is going on here.14:18
Romstersepen, are you sure you did a ports -u before building?14:19
frinnstah, ive not updated this box yet, let me check14:19
Romsterbecause those file are there already...14:20
Romstersepen, hasn't done a ports -u14:20
sepenhmm I think I did that14:21
Romsteryeah no the files were in the footprint before but for me were missing i fixed the missing dependency so they were no longer missing.14:22
Romsterhence no footprint commit on that dependency commit.14:22
sepenI'll try again, sorry14:22
sepenRomster: mjpegtools failed to build14:23
sepenworked for you on x86_64?14:23
Romsterbuilding it to see.14:27
sepenI found the script that returns the error14:38
sepensepen@kolorado:~/devel/crux/ports/contrib/mjpegtools $ sh work/src/mjpegtools-2.0.0/ x8614:38
sepenYour gcc does not even support "i386" for '-march' and -mtune14:38
Romsterlast i looked it compiled fine sepen14:38
sepenno doubt about that14:38
sepenmaybe is due to my conf, let me check a bit14:39
Romsterbuilding it but i cleaned up my chroot so it's rebuilding everything and i can't be bothered to fire up the other computers for the the distcc speed up.14:39
Romsternearly 2am i'm gonna sleep shortly14:39
sepennah, I tried -march=native and -march=x86_64 and both the problem occurs14:40
sepenRomster: I'll try to find the problem, don't worry14:40
Romster-march=x86_64 is what i got in my chroot.14:41
Romsteri got a old version though 2.0.0 when 2.1.0 is out14:42
Romsteri haven't been really looking heavily at versions lately. i've got slack. due to real life.14:43
sepenI'm debuggin this script14:45
Romster=======> Building '/var/ports/packages/mjpegtools#2.0.0-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.14:46
Romsterprt-get: installing mjpegtools 2.0.0-114:46
Romsteryou've messed your environment up somehow i think14:46
sepenif it can't do_cc then uses i686, and it does the same for all do_cc sections what makes the error14:46
sepenthe last time uses proc=error and shows the ouput error14:47
Romsterweird tey bumping mjpegtools to 2.1.014:48
Romsteri'lll test the new version later but i'm not gonna hit your issue though.14:48
sepenI can't find conftest.c in the code14:48
Romsterit may be generated on every test with a cat to a file.14:49
Romsterout of configure14:50
Romsteror something along those lines.14:50
sepenpfff I'll try again after dinner14:53
Romsterhmm i got patches on that too.14:53
sepenI'm doing something wrong for sure14:53
Romsteror is 2.1.0 unstable version?14:54
Romsteri dunno too tired to mess with it now.14:55
sepennah don't worry14:56
sepengn for you14:56
Romsteronly had 2 hours sleep in 2 days <<14:56
Romsterwell more like 36 hours awake 2 hours sleep.14:56
Romsterdamn second wind i'm on trying to get tired by reading14:57
sepenseems my processor is one of the first x86_64 versions15:16
sepen-march=native fixes that15:16
jaegerHrmm... the contrib rsync update doesn't seem to be working properly16:15
jaegerspice-protocol and some of my recently-removed ports are still there but have been removed from git16:15
jaegerok, looks like the git-to-rsync-working-copy dir is fine16:22
jaegerand the rsync server isn't doing anything weird... so it's local to my ports somehow16:24
jaegerweird. redownloaded ports for now, will keep an eye on it16:28
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sepenjaeger: are you talking about a rsync-to-working-copy related to mesa3d?17:14
jaegerNo, seems like there was a problem with my local ports not updating (just contrib, for some reason)17:17
sepenah I missunderstand you17:18
sepenso mesa3d continues with footprint missmatches here17:18
frinnstsorry jue, I forgot to update those ports. completely slipped my mind20:12
frinnstbut in other news, btrfs-progs has lost its useless v0.20-rc1 versioning \o/20:13
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frinnstI also got the mesa3d footprint "error" here, but its expected since I have libvdpau installed20:19
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sepenyeah so that is20:53
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