IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2013-11-27

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juefrinnst: good news, seems they are using the kernel versioning now11:55
juemike_k: running php 5.5.6 without greater problems here, only some very old pmwiki modules are broken because of the deprecation of the /e modifier, see
juemike_k: are you ready for an update? ;)11:59
juefrinnst: what's you opinion wrt the "optinal" libvdpau files in mesa? I tend to say we should explicit enable it, because every user has mesa installed and libvdpau is a small lib without extra deps12:05
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frinnsthm, well what *doesnt* support it?12:49
frinnstnouveau? nvidia?12:49
juewell, TBH I have no plan with all that video stuff, but at least nouveau12:55
juewhat the reason for you to install libvdpau?12:56
frinnstfor hw decoding on the gpu12:59
frinnstamd requires it for radeon, otherwise you cant use it13:00
frinnstdunno re. the other hardware13:00
juethe nvidia binary driver comes with it's own version of vdpau, but I guess it works with nouveau (
jueso we have support for both important cards13:17
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mike_kjue: thanks, I'll look into that. TBH, I tend just to bump version numbers on php stuff these days. Do not use that myself for a very long time.14:56
frinnstnot sure about nouveau. amd/ati just got support for it in 3.11 iirc15:07
jaegershould we also worry about intel?15:11
Amnesia :D15:13
frinnsti dont think intel supports vdpau15:14
frinnstthink you need libva for similar stuff15:14
frinnstbut honestly the whole X/mesa/accel thing is very confusing imo15:15
jaegeryeah, I'm not up to date on it15:15
frinnstfor any type of hw accelleration on radeon-si you need the gallium drivers and that requires llvm etc in mesa15:16
jaegerunrelated to that, going out of town today for a couple days, back this weekend15:16
frinnsthave fun15:17
frinnstor, if you are doing something less fun, try not to have a too bad a time :)15:17
jaegerjust going to visit some family :) should be fine. thanks :)15:21
frinnstoh right, you have that thanksgiving thingy. I hear (from popular culture) it can get quite nasty :)15:23
jaegerMy family's pretty chill15:24
jaegerhaha, nice15:24
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