IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2013-11-29

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AmnesiateK_: could you add the --localstatedir=/var flag to the qemu package?07:51
frinnstwhat does it use now?08:12
Amnesiafrinnst: /usr/var08:22
Romsterqemu isn't a daemon is it? nothing with with /usr/var?08:30
Romsters/with with/wrong with/08:30
Romstersamba dbus cups all use /usr/var/run/08:32
frinnsthm, i was expecting more of a reaction with the link i posted re. systemd :)08:33
frinnsthow long until CONFIG_VT is deprecated in the kernel? :)08:33
Romsterare you kidding08:33
AmnesiaRomster: dbus also uses /var/run08:34
Amnesiaimo /usr/var's prettier08:34
RomsterAmnesia, well dbus is a special case as it runs as a daemon and as a user session process.08:35
Amnesiameh, I've changed it to /var/run:P08:36
Romsteryou can do as you wish on your system <<08:36
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juefrinnst: just read your link09:54
juefrinnst: but yeah, without the VT stuff we are lost ...09:55
frinnstthe comments saddens me10:09
Romstertime to fork the kernel10:24
sepenor use gnu hurd10:26
Romsteri so wanna join reddit and spam them with systemd crap killing every other init out there.10:27
RomsterNow we only need the GNU coreutils and GNU binutils to be replaced and we will have ourselves Systemd/Linux OS. -_-10:41
frinnstyeah i dont think redhat wants gnu around anymore10:44
Romster and they go on about package managers being problems they haven't herd of ours :D10:46
Romsterhmm i bet the next step will be a unified package manager that all distros use....10:47
Romsterisn't linux great because it's so diverse.10:48
RomsterGod dammit people, downvote is not a button to show your disagreement. Downvote if the post doesn't contribute to discussion. Without twane's comment you wouldn't have gotten xillin's answer.10:55
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Amnesiawhat do you folks think of :)?16:00
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teK_Amnesia: yeah. Thanks for the hint19:37
AmnesiateK_: pretty neat uh19:37
teK_was this a hidden hint to the 1.7 release, too? (I noticed already yesterday ;))19:38
Amnesiaah lol sorry, I'm mixing stuff up19:39
teK_afaiks (i.e. reading the FAQ from this systemd gui) there's no danger to non-systemd distro with the console thingy19:39
teK_funny, though, that these guys always think having to provide a FAQ for alle scared non-systemd users19:39
AmnesiaI've got to join a systemd talk next week-.-19:40
Amnesiadoubt it's going to be refreshing:P19:40
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