IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2013-12-01

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frinnsthm, can anybody untar mesa 10.0 with bsdtar?17:26
frinnstMesa-10.0.0/VERSION: Can't create 'Mesa-10.0.0/VERSION'17:26
frinnstbsdtar: Error exit delayed from previous errors.17:26
frinnsttested both gz and bz217:26
frinnstgnu tar seems to be able to handle it17:26
jaegerI get the same for both gz and bz2 archives17:30
jaegerthe zip seems ok17:31
jaegerIs there a newer version of bsdtar/libarchive?17:35
frinnstyeah, but same issue17:36
frinnstpushed 3.1.2 (or whatever) to core/3.117:36
frinnst <- pkgfile17:37
frinnstthink you need 2 new deps:
jaegeryay for many tiny glue libs17:40
frinnstheh yeah17:41
frinnst<xexaxo> frinnst: someone mentioned that the VERSION file was present twice in the rc* archive. The actual file + a symlink18:06
frinnst<xexaxo> iirc a workaround was to use tar, as per announcement18:06
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frinnstradeonsi seems to work "ok" with mesa 10 atleast19:00
jaegerThat's good19:00
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