IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2013-12-02

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RomsterteK_, cryptsetup compile error
juefrinnst: your mesa 10.0 port works without llvm? Looks like you removed nouveau, right?12:36
jueRomster: try adding LIBS="-lpthread" to configure, works for me12:43
teK_same here12:44
teK_srsly, whydid that initially compile?12:45
teK_ty for the heads up12:50
frinnstno, it uses llvm. I might have removed nouveau unintentionally12:59
frinnstI've used a variant of that mesa3d port to play with radeonsi12:59
jueare you going to build a more 'official' version of the port or should I do that?13:20
frinnstIf you feel up for it13:44
frinnstim taking some vacationtime in two weeks. Plan on doing some work then13:44
frinnston 3.113:45
frinnstall this windows crap i have to deal with at work at the moment are sucking the life out of me. I need some crux-tinkering to get back to normal :)13:46
jaegerRomster: would you mind updating gobject-introspection to 1.38.0? I can send a patch if you like. No surprises so far after updating it14:18
frinnstwe gave domain admin rights to a customer on their own RDS server (so they could set it up). can you guess what i've had to clean out today?14:31
frinnstand can you guess who's no longer admin?14:31
frinnstthank you, "conduit safe search"14:32
Romsterxorg/xorg-font-bh-ttf is doing something odd missing files etc/fonts/conf.avail/42-luxi-mono.conf14:57
Romsternot sure why14:57
jaegerthanks for the gobject-introspection update15:10
Romsterno problemo15:15
frinnstsame here re font-bh15:19
frinnstchecking for fontconfig's configuration directory... @baseconfigdir@15:19
Romsternot sure why but something is up15:21
Romsterdidn't look into it much15:22
jaegerThat's happened before, I remember we talked about it here15:22
jaegermight find it in the logs, though I don't remember at all what day it was15:22
Romstercan't even search the one prologic made.15:22
Romsternone of the other fonts do this odd behavior15:25
Romsteri'd look into it but i'm gonna head to bed now.15:28
jaegerI think you were the one who found the last one, hehe15:28
Romsterwould not surprise me i did a rebuild of my system and then been testing the broken ports. in a chroot.15:30
jaegerIt's probably a simple sed of a configure script or a pkgconfig file15:31
Romstermight be a fontconfig bug too.15:32
Romsterif no one finds it i'll poke at it tomorrow.15:32
frinnstgaah, such an annoying bug with radeonsi. vdpau/xv video tears at the top 10% of my screen15:48
jaegerI can see how that would be annoying15:50
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frinnst <- mesa tarball-bug. hopefully fixed for future pointreleases20:36
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nrxtxuhm teK_ where is spice-protocol?21:51
nrxtxah sry21:52
nrxtxmissed the move commit21:52

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