IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2013-12-04

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Romsterprologic's 2 btc than cents :D01:29
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jaegerRomster: have you messed with libav/avconv?03:00
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Romsterjaeger, no not particularly07:02
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Romsterjaeger, what are you trying todo? i do some transcoding stuff.11:08
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jaegerRomster: uses avconv, doesn't work fully with ffmpeg. I made a libav port and played with it last night, worked pretty well14:14
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frinnstooh, brave push jue :)20:40
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juefrinnst: you mean procps?20:54
frinnstguess its not too bad though20:57
juewell, no core/opt/contrib port is using the lib, so I'd say it's not a big issue at all20:59

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