IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2013-12-06

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juefrinnst: yeah, our whole net stuff is spreaded among too much ports, looked at that some times ago but inetutils wasn't a full replacement for net-tools IIRC11:30
juefrinnst: just saw that net-tools is now hosted on sourceforge and got several commits lately11:31
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juefrinnst: we should probably use a version from git instead the ancient 1.60 + many patches?11:35
juefrinnst: it's here ->
frinnstyeah i was trying newer linux headers for glibc and net-tools complained about it12:12
frinnstinetutils has a whois client. maybe replace opt/whois ?12:17
frinnstone less port to maintain for you, but more "cruft" in core12:17
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