IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2013-12-08

Romsteri should probably mirror the ports on crux.ster.so02:21
Romsteri do have most of the distfiles now.
Romster__mavrick61, ping we seem to have issues connecting to crux.nu02:51
Romstersince 9am at least it was noticed by rotwang and recently by me double checking at 1pm +10GMT + DST02:53
RomsterteK_, ^02:56
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teK_arg, same here Romster15:04
teK_will contact charly by mail although I don't think he is working on sundays15:05
nrxtxhi teK_15:27
frinnstyeah lets leave him alone and bother him on monday instead15:45
frinnsti can call him if its not up by then15:45
teK_that would be nice, let me know if there are software related troubles15:48
frinnstfeel free to email him tho, might not be able to call him first thing15:48
__mavrick61I'm sorry, but we have some UPS problem. So Crux server have been down.. Need to replace batteries.16:05
Romsteras least the server is ok16:33
jaeger__mavrick61: sorry that you're having to work on a weekend. :(17:07
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jaegersomewhere during the upgrade we did last I lost my ports sync cron job, it's set back up now23:17
jaegerso will mirror ports every 3 hours23:18

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