IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2013-12-12

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sepenRomster: ping14:43
sepenjaeger: I read the discussion about licenses in packages, it has taken a decision?15:13
frinnstdont think so15:13
jaegernot so far15:15
sepenI do not think there licensing issues because we do not provide packages, or at least we only provide those who are in the iso15:16
frinnstyeah generally its not a big'ish issue15:22
frinnstbut steam might be tricky15:23
sepenany steam port? I only see steam-32 from lennart private rpo15:32
frinnsti think jaeger has one15:32
teK_steam is 32bit only..15:54
jaegerI have one but I need to clean it a tad before publishing15:58
teK_sepen: the one from lennart works for me16:05
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