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Romsterjaeger, rgarding steam did you do any of the steamos optimising on your system?
Romsterfrinnst, i see you dropped . $topsrcdir/browser/config/mozconfig02:02
Romsterprobably not really needed though but i just noticed.02:03
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jaegergah, why does make think a directory is newer than its contents that clearly aren't? stupid shit16:56
jaegerteK_: I just noticed the "ls" in the build() function of the gnu-efi Pkgfile :D17:12
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jaegerok, this usb 2 bullshit with the boot ISO is driving me insane19:21
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jaegeryeesh, had to go back to 3.7 to get it working20:55
jaeger3.8, 3.10, 3.11, 3.12 all fail20:55
teK_jaeger: oops :D20:59
jaegerteK_: have you tried to build syslinux 6 by any chance with efi support?21:01
teK_struggled for more than 4.5 hours with the landlord's windows 7 installation on a faulty hdd21:02
teK_fuck windows, for REAL21:02
teK_I always joke about the lifetime MS stole from me with its crappy products21:03
teK_btw it's still not working and I have to redo everything21:03
jaegertook me hours to fix my laptop's UEFI boot order after playing with steamos on it because I got sidetracked trying to fix the goddamn usb2 issue21:04
teK_which usb2 issue21:04
jaegerwith any kernel 3.8 or higher I cannot get usb2 working properly on the boot ISO21:04
jaegerso fixing my laptop became really tough... it has usb ports but they're all usb2 and it has no cdrom21:05
teK_ah, I remember21:05
jaegerI have a usb cdrom and plenty of thumbdrives but it's fucking usb2 that's the problem21:05
teK_so you mean booting the hybrid ISO thingy via UEFI won't work21:05
jaegerSomething changed after kernel 3.6/3.7 and I haven't tracked it down yet21:05
jaegerno, unrelated to EFI or hybrid21:05
teK_happy bisecting :\21:05
jaegerThough yes, uefi and hybrid don't work together21:06
jaegerI wonder, though, if syslinux 6's isohybrid would fix it, since 6 is when syslinux got uefi support21:06
teK_strange. Have you tried posting to the lkml? Sounds like a rather grave issue as USB2 is a rather old hat21:06
teK_old hat, do you say this in USA? :}21:06
jaegerso I've been trying to build syslinux 621:06
jaegerbut since I seem to be the only person hitting this issue I haven't posted anything yet21:06
jaegerI just futz with it for a day and get annoyed and forget about it for months at a time21:07
teK_these issues really suck21:07
teK_so you think its a syslinux issue?21:07
jaegeryeah. I don't mind fixing things but I really hate when it's a pain in the ass to troubleshoot21:07
jaegerno, I think it's a kernel usb issue specifically21:07
jaegerseparate issues21:07
jaegerissue 1: usb problem21:07
jaegerissue 2: isohybrid/uefi don't coexist21:07
teK_how do other distros do that?21:08
jaegerI just happened to be dealing with both :P21:08
teK_how does friggling Windows do that21:08
jaegerno idea21:08
teK_we have to take a little peek @archlinux then :>21:09
jaegerour syslinux is rather outdated, hence my attempts to build 621:09
teK_attempts sounds rather disappointing21:09
teK_BUG Warning: Using Syslinux 6.02 on BTRFS volumes corrupts the superblock.21:10
teK_you won't get that thing past frinnst *g*21:10
teK_on a up side.. I got our intermediate BMW today \o/21:12
teK_gotta admit.. gimmicks in german cars *are* nice :>21:12
jaegerthat's the end of the syslinux log21:12
teK_< still compiling21:12
jaegerFor now I'm using grub2 for EFI on the ISO but that won't fix the hybrid problem and nobody seems to like grub besides me21:14
teK_just wanted to note that I strongly dislike GRUB :D21:14
jaegerpersonally I don't get the hate for it. It's more complicated than other bootloaders but it has tons of features21:15
teK_but.. afair does use grub2 for booting and I can even chain-load other iso images and fancy stuff21:15
jaegerIt's a trade. If you don't want it don't use it, you know?21:15
jaegerSome people are really angry about anything that doesn't fit their little view of perfect, though21:15
teK_nah.. I'm fine with grub on our ISO. I just prefer LILO but get along with GRUB, too21:15
teK_if we don't get syslinux6 going we ought to use grub. It's as simple as that21:16
teK_the new ISO has to be bootable from UEFI, too. </discussion> :)21:16
jaegerI definitely want to support UEFI with 3.1, agreed on that... it would be nice if we didn't have to have separate images, though21:17
jaegerfor CD and USB, I mean21:17
teK_that would suck but grub may play along nicely with usb AND efi booting? I know mika from the grml project and I bet that he would not be willing to distribute separate images21:18
teK_/tmp/syslinux-6.02/mk/ *** Missing ia32 gnu-efi header files.  Stop.21:18
jaegerThe problem in this case is that isohybrid alters something in the eltorito block of the ISO that causes efi to fail21:18
jaegertry "make efi64"21:18
jaegerwill skip the 32-bit version21:19
jaegerthough we'll need both in the future for full support if we go that route21:19
jaegersome mac hardware uses a half-assed 32bit EFI21:19
teK_recompiling. Somebody tried to create a feminst programming language21:24
teK_man.. be SO happy that you don't genderize things without a gender as we in germany do21:25
teK_student -> male, studentin -> female. So you are not allowed to write student anymore.. some use the gender-gap: student_in21:25
teK_make efi64  51.34s user 9.25s system 96% cpu 1:02.75 total21:26
teK_[tek@pita][/tmp/syslinux-6.02]% echo $?21:26
jaegerThat was always annoying back when I studied german21:26
jaegerwhat the fuck21:26
teK_hehe :)21:26
teK_DER Bus21:26
teK_he drives down the road21:26
jaegerwish I knew what was different on my systems21:26
jaegerI can't build it on any of my crux systems21:26
jaegeralways the shit in that pastebin log21:27
jaegerundefined references to RT, EFIdebug, etc.21:27
teK_I have21:29
teK_/usr/include/efi/efidebug.h:extern UINTN     EFIDebug;21:29
teK_but you have that probably, too21:29
teK_and none in the syslinux tree21:30
jaegeralso: efilib.h:extern EFI_RUNTIME_SERVICES     *RT;21:30
teK_so this means that RT has to be provided by something linked in later on?21:33
teK_do you have a command line handy for generating the hybrid-uefi frankenstein image?21:34
jaegereven better, it's different on my laptop21:34
teK_yeah -_-21:34
jaegerundefined references to BT, ST21:34
teK_did you do make -j n?21:34
jaegerprobably, is syslinux's build too fragile?21:35
teK_I did not do make -j4 on purpose21:36
teK_to rule that out21:36
jaegertrying again already without any parallelism21:36
jaegerno change21:36
nrxtxwhat are you trying to compile?21:37
jaegerundefined references to BS, ST, UnicodeInterface, GuidToString, etc.21:37
jaegersyslinux 6.0221:37
jaegerspecifically the "efi64" target21:37
jaegerwhich isn't really a target in the normal sense of make targets21:39
jaegerperhaps it isn't really meant to be compiled, maybe it's just dummy stuff to allow you to install the prebuilt binaries21:40
teK_are you interested in a compress version of my built directory?21:41
jaegernah, I'm giving up on it for now. Thanks, though21:42
nrxtxmake efi64 runs fine21:44
nrxtxno problems while compiling21:44
teK_% for x in *.iso; do echo $x;  bios/utils/isohybrid -u $x; md5sum $x > $(basename $x .iso).md5; done21:46
teK_isohybrid: crux-3.0.iso: unable to find efi image21:46
nrxtxteK_: did it compile for you?21:48
jaegeryeah, the -u option exists... just doesn't work21:48
teK_nrxtx: yep21:49
jaeger <-- for reference, if you have both eltorito boot images in the ISO it should look like this21:49
teK_why wont it work? You have to specify a efi program to include/start I guess :21:49
teK_btw.. :D21:49
jaegerif I knew why it wouldn't work I might be able to fix it :P21:49
jaegerIt just won't boot after you run isohybrid on the ISO image21:49
teK_what? inclusion of efi?21:49
jaegerit'll still boot via BIOS, just not EFI21:50
teK_I have no plan for cd file formats..21:50
jaegerdid you change gnu-efi without a version bump by any chance?21:55
jaegerI made no change except to force a reinstall of gnu-efi and now syslinux builds21:55
jaegerwell, it builds on one VM, it still won't build on the laptop21:55
jaegerfuck it, I'm done with syslinux for today21:56
nrxtxtried 3d acceleration in qemu yesterday man this was kind of hard getting it work21:57
nrxtxbut more fun see it basically working21:57
nrxtxthere is airlied from redhat building a virtio gpu21:57
nrxtxstill very basic and buggy but:
jaegerGotta start somewhere22:01
teK_gnu-efi 3.0u.orig-122:02
teK_2013-09-15Thomas Pentekergnu-efi: 3.0t.orig -> 3.0u.orig22:03
jaegeryeah, figured out that wasn't it. my crux installs are just possessed and trolling me22:04
teK_somebody shoot github's devs in the face22:50

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