IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2013-12-19

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jaegertrying syslinux efi again today... made some progress in that I can boot a USB thumbdrive to the syslinux menu but when it loads the kernel it reboots15:55
jaegeron the other side of things, elilo will boot the kernel but the prompt is invisible :P16:04
jaegerRomster: xscreensaver 5.26 is available, 5.22 has been removed upstream19:31
jaegerunrelated to that, I wonder if adding gobject-introspection to the gtk stack would be objectionable21:01
jaegerignore that, dumb question given our history with things like that21:02
frinnstgah how i dislike apng21:46
frinnstdoes chromium also require it? (either with a patched libpng like we have today) or use of bundled libpng like firefox does?21:47
frinnstapng is not a png-standard and patching libpng to support it seems "wrong"21:47
frinnstyet it is used by many applications and firefox requires it for example21:48
frinnstjaeger: i guess its not *that* big of a deal22:00
frinnstatleast for me22:00
jaegerapng or introspection? I haven't run into apng stuff22:04
jaegerintrospection would be nice for those of us who like to use DEs sometimes but I'm sure it would cause some complaints otherwise22:04
jaegerI don't think kde or xfce need it but MATE, cinnamon, and gnome all do22:05
frinnstI guess we could just remove --disable-introspection and add it to gtk's depends on: line22:05
jaegerI'm not aware of anyone maintaining gnome ports currently, though22:05
frinnstit would still work for those that dont have it installed without issues22:05
jaegeryeah, it's dead simple to install, I'm just thinking that someone will surely complain because it isn't KISS or whatever22:05
frinnstfuck those guys :D22:05
frinnsti'll add it22:05
jaegerWell, don't feel pressured to on my account, wonder if others in here have any opinion22:06
jaegerit changes at least atk, pango, gdk-pixbuf, gtk, and gtk322:07
frinnstI maintain them all22:09
frinnstbtw, ive had some beers :p22:09
jaegerhehe, ok22:10
frinnstbut we need to move gobject to opt22:10
jaegerAFK for a meeting22:11
frinnstRomster: mind moving gobject-introspection to opt?22:17
frinnstI just hope this wont lure robben back :)22:41
jaegerhehe, it might, I suppose22:51
jaegerThanks for the change, hope it doesn't drive anyone crazy :)23:01

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