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frinnsti'll probably get a few bugreports when people update gdk-pixbuf, pango, atk and gtk without gobject-introspection installed due to missing footprints00:27
frinnstI should probably send a mail to the ML00:27
Romsteryou call that a /soft/ dependency?01:22
Romsterthat's a hard dependency listing it on Depends on: line01:22
Romsteri'll get xscreensaver done tonight.01:49
frinnstwell it works without it01:56
frinnstso, friday tomorrow. last day of vacation02:04
frinnsti had soo many things i planned on getting done02:04
frinnstbut it turned out like this:
jaegerhrmm... got kinda a usable cinnamon desktop going but it's constantly producing an error02:47
jaegerWindow manager warning: Log level 8: Source ID <X> was not found when attempting to remove it02:47
jaegerX is an increasing integer02:47
jaegerlooks like that error comes from glib, hrmm03:30
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Romsterdamn you frinnst you really didn't think those changes though well.07:11
Romsteras it stands a prt-get sysup or prt-get depinst gtk brakes as it looks for fir files for pango and the rest that haven't been rebuilt.07:11
Romsteri see a couple of options. 1) use a if line in gtk to only disable introspection if gobject-introspection is installed. Or 2) bump the revisions on the affected ports so they get a rebuild.07:15
Romsterand a notify for adding gobject-introspection to gdk-pixbuf07:15
Romsteras it stands it's not a soft dependency gtk will fail without that --disable-introspection and you made gobject-introspection a hard dependency on gdk-pixbuf.07:16
Romsterand if 1 is used also clean the footprints of gir stuff and users can use the ignore new option for gir files07:17
Romsterand you didn't update gtk footprint.07:32
Romsterthink i got all the problems listed. i'll send a patch of what i'd do.07:33
juefrinnst: got a footprint error for gdk-pixbuf with missing gir crap, why this new dep to gobject-introspection?08:11
juefrinnst: what's the benefit if we add gobject-introspection to our gtk stuff?08:22
juefrinnst: nm, just read the log, but a info mail to our ML is _must_ for such a severe change IMO08:28
jues/is/is a/08:28
juefrinnst: would be probably better to delay such a change to 3.1, which shouldn't be to far away ;)08:30
juebtw, I'm still very busy with other things, sorry for that, but I hope to come back in the next days08:32
frinnstyeah i will send a mail10:16
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sepenhey10:28 removed lilo 24.0 source file10:28
sepensource in Pkgfile didn't work and I found a downloadable file from here
sepenI had the same problem with bash-completion source from alioth.debian.org10:31
sepenseems a common practice from these guys :P10:32
Romsterjue, it's not done properly you would of gathered by now ^11:24
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frinnstRomster: geez, relax12:32
frinnstdid you have gobject-introspection installed before?12:33
Romsteri tested in a chroot with already built packages and no not in that run.12:33
Romsteri am relaxed. i'm playing games enjoying my friday night, you just haven't thought enough about your changes12:34
Romsterprobably rushed it.12:34
frinnstofcourse, most of the things I do are rushed :)12:34
frinnstbut i did test it before, and didnt find any breakage12:35
frinnstif gobject-introspection is *not* installed, nothing will break - except for footprints12:35
frinnstbut it did for you?12:35
Romsterah i installed gobject-introspection but did not rebuild atk or pango to begin with gtk was ok after that.12:36
frinnstyeah that will fuck shit up :)12:36
frinnsti was delayed in sending a mail due to the fact it was 3am or something12:36
frinnsti thought the most common scenarios would be people just blindly doing a sysup without manually installing gobject first. or people doing 'prt-get depinst gtk' - that would also work12:38
frinnstbut yeah, introducing a new dep is always messy - especially when a chain of ports are effected12:38
Romsteryeah i'd personally ot add gobject-introspection to depends on line of gdk-pxbuf and add a readme for gdk-pixbuf atk pango, gtk/gtk3 and keep the footprints clean of any gir stuff as it'll be handled by ignore new.12:38
Romsterplus how you done it, that dep would ave to be on the iso along with gobject-introspection12:39
Romstersince firefox and a few others use gtk and are on the iso.12:39
frinnstyeah I added it to the iso part on the wiki for 3.112:39
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