IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2013-12-21

sepenI tried a depinst atk and failed due to footprint02:03
sepenfrinnst: read your mail but ATM I'm not in the middle of an update, just tried to depinst atk, so gobject-introspection is not a dep for it02:04
sepenanyway I installed gobject-introspection but same result for atk02:04
sepenshould gdk-pixbuf be listed in atk deps?02:05
sepenfrinnst: confirmed02:15
sepenfrinnst: atk requires gdk-pixbuf as a dep02:16
sepenfrinnst: libxklavier is also affected
sepenI'll update it tomorrow, not it's too late02:22
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frinnstthanks, i'll add it03:08
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sepenRomster: could you maintain libsndfile in opt instead of contrib?10:22
sepenlibsndfile is required by speech-dispatcher, but I did not realize when I added speech-dispatcher as dep of chromium, also all its deps are in opt10:28
sepenon the other hand, pulseaudio requires libsndfile too, so there are at least 2 ports which requires libsndfile to move from contrib to opt10:29
Romsterpulseaudio was stuck in opt no one asked me to move it to opt then. i noticed that but didn't care to. i guess i have to now.10:41
sepencan someone with core rights to fix lilo source?10:54
sepenI reported that some days ago, so seem removed lilo-24.0 as also happened with bash-completion to me10:55
sepen=======> ERROR: Downloading '' failed.10:55
sepenwell, sorry, I reported that yesterday :D10:56
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juesepen: thanks for the info, fixed now12:57
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jaegerindeed. wonder why it's so flaky now19:33
teK_maybe it's running debian20:00
frinnstyeah you need to crouch to land such a low blow :)20:12
teK_love you too, frinnsti20:19
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