IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2013-12-22

Romsterdid they rsync to a old mirror or something?02:25
Romstershadow doesn't exist i guess they moved to pam?02:25
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frinnststill down, eh?13:22
frinnsttemp fix until its back up again13:30
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sepenfrinnst: I depinst gtk3, and at-spi2-core also requires gobject-introspection, or at least I got the footprint issue with 'gir' stuff23:28
sepenat-spi2-atk and gtk3 were ok23:37
sepenwow you're just fast! ;D23:38
sepenI'm not sure you're a human23:38
frinnststrange I didnt pick it up when i rebuilt everything yesterday23:39
sepenwell I think the problem occurs when build from a fresh install23:40
sepenor that happened to me with atk23:40
frinnstyeah but i did a prt-get update -fr $(prt-get listinst)23:40
sependepupdate would be awesome in some cases23:41
sepenor something like update --take-care-of-deps23:41

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