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jaegerAnyone know what might cause something like this?
jaegerIt's from an strace of the cinnamon pid, always using 100% of one core doing that01:20
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frinnstwhat is the strace of?07:01
Romsterjaeger, looked in xorg log?07:46
frinnstoh he did say what it was08:11
frinnstdoubt anything would turn up in the xorg log. looks like it loops waiting for something08:21
Romstersome resource that's not available.08:21
frinnstthis is an "idle" firefox process:
frinnstso, day before xmas and im alone in a bunker at work waiting for a customer to get back to me08:25
frinnstfun day, what shall I do?08:25
Romsterinvite a woman over for kinky sex?08:29
frinnstassprints on the racks.. hmm08:30
Romsterservr offline due to ass08:30
Romsterdont think the other admins would approve though08:34
frinnstmaybe forward all calls and head home?08:35
frinnsthmm, yeees08:35
Romsteri got 1 more day to go then 8 days off08:45
frinnstive just had a week off08:59
frinnston "call" this week, but doubt i'll need to work08:59
frinnst+ can do most from home08:59
frinnstfuck it, im heading home08:59
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pitillohey, good morning. Coud be possible to change e17 git repo name to enlightenment? It took around 10 years to get first stable release (e17) and now E developers seem to have change the release cycle, releasing e18 and going ahead working on a new version...11:09
pitilloI don't know how hard it's that change and how many people could be using e17 currently. If the rename is possible I can send a mail to ML talking about this change, the reason about the development and hold there e17 and e18 (and future versions)11:12
frinnstwould it perhaps be easier to create a new repo?12:30
pitilloprobably, the easiest option is fine12:59
Romstermake new git init ; then git pull from the old e17?13:01
jaegerEither way should be trivial, honestly13:27
jaegerRomster: yeah, of course. :) nothing there except for typical gtk warnings13:28
jaegerNot sure what it's trying to poll but it creates over 100k lines in about 3 seconds and keeps one of the machine's cores at 100%13:29
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Romsterdid anyone else get contacted by Margaret O' Reilly?15:37
Romsteroff to bed g'night15:43
jaegerNot I15:48
jaegerinstalled cinnamon 2.0 on a debian 7 system and it does the same polling... for some reason, though, it doesn't peg a core there16:33
jaegerinteresting, the 2d session doesn't do it16:46
jaegerwill have to investigate that more closely next time I'm at home16:46
frinnstNot from margaret. recieved a mail from google a year or so ago17:30
jaegerrehosting github tarballs could get annoying, think it would be worth adding some renaming functionality to pkgmk's download function?18:07
jaegermaybe specify the target filename in the source array or determine it based on the name and version vars in Pkgfile18:07
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jaeger-I don't think anyone in the #linuxmint-help channel is going to be able to figure this out, heh22:20
jaeger- <-- anyone in here have a thought? The third section is the strace output from the process that's taking up 100% of a core22:21
jaeger-I only put 4 lines of it in that paste but that's what it's doing, generates over 100k lines in a couple seconds22:21

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