IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2013-12-24

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Romsternothing looks obvoious to me07:33
teK__Romster: yes, here10:51
teK__fscking spamers :p10:51
teK__at least she  mentioned my github profile, too10:51
teK__oh.. and a merry christmas to  all  of you ;)10:53
Romsterso thats a spammer?11:35
Romsteri got one like a year or so ago too11:35
Romsteri can't see what use i would be to google11:36
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sepenfunny, this is the second time they contact to me, first one was in 201211:48
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prologicMerry Christmas y'a;;20:00
teK__Romster: no.. the Mailheaders suggest that Margaret is not a spammer20:06
frinnstprologic ^^20:10
jaegerhaha, nice20:54
frinnstoh for fucks sake, im an idiot23:30
frinnstinstalled automake 1.14.1 and then rebuilt *23:30
frinnstbut forgot to exclude core/automake...23:31
frinnstso the first or second port i rebuilt and reinstalled was the old automake23:31
frinnsthow pointless23:31

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