IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2013-12-25

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teK_this is germany :D20:39
teK_this happened in Cologne where a famous narrow-minded cardinal held his last christmas mass20:43
teK_I think he was the one that claimed that women were birth-giving machines20:44
teK_jaeger: somebody already implemented the sourcefilename-thingy in src-arrays of Pkgfiles, btw21:53
frinnstteK_: example? im interested too22:58
teK_If a source URL (an element of the array source) contains a query string, i.e. a suffix starting with ?, the last path component before the question mark is used as the local filename. The official version includes the query string into the filename.23:03
teK_should work with about any URL23:04
teK_that's what I thought, too23:29

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